Say one - you're numb
Say two - you're naked
Say three - it's all been done
These numbers help, these numbers fool you
They stay when you are gone

Count one - you move
Count all the others - you disappear
Cause you never laugh
I count the reasons why you are near

Cause you've never known me

No encores

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    General Commentmy favourite notwist track :)

    surprised there arent any comments on this one!!
    alt.rockon March 19, 2005   Link
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    General Comment2
    shit soupon June 29, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI was hoping there would be more comments on this song, because I'm curious to hear what others think it is about. In my opinion, it's about sex. The first verse gives me that impression. The person is just going through the motions, because that's what they've always done. Not because they particularly want to, or because it feels right. I haven't quite decided what the rest of the songs means, but I still think it has to do with that same idea. Just blindly going through the motions of something, even if it doesn't feel right. This is such an amazing song. It's so simple, yet there are so many ways it could be interpreted.
    ItsABuzzon July 01, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis song is definitly about sex or more about a relationship that is only about sex.

    "Say one - you're numb
    Say two - you're naked
    Say three - it's all been done"
    This describes their relationship or the way they interact: 1."you`re numb" means you want to forget about something you wanna feel numb for a monent else thats why you start a sexrelationship 2. "you're naked" naked here is also meant in a symbolical way..when you're naked you're also just yourself and in that way easy to hurt 3. "it's all been done" it may help you to forget about yourself and feel "numb" but its only for a short moment and then its all been done.

    "These numbers help, these numbers fool you
    They stay when you are gone"
    I think he wants to describe the way you're starting to make rules in a sexual relationship, like you're not aloud to fall in love and things like that. You try not to show the other who you are but with having sex you show the other person everything you are. Thats why the numbers "fool you".The Feeling of having fooled yourself and not feeling better in the end and maybe haven broken one of your rules (or numbers) stays when you are gone. Im not really sure about this part but thats my interpretation.

    "Count one - you move
    Count all the others - you disappear
    Cause you never laugh
    I count the reasons why you are near"
    First thing I think it's "why you are here". Theres a special situation maybe after or shortly before they're having sex, where shes moving..I think this means she's showing a little bit of herself, while she's trying to avoid feeling all the other times (she "disappears") and is never showing real feelings (like laughing)...He counts the reasons why shes here because he wants to know if she has more feelings for him (as he probably has) and if she's just afraid to show them, so she couldnt get hurt.

    "Cause you've never known me"
    Their relationship only consists of she doesnt know him. I think this line shows some kind of anger. He's angry with her because she has her rules (numbers) and just wants to feel numb and not invest any feelings in this relationship or shes at least always telling him these things.

    "No encores"
    He decides that he doesnt want to be someone just to have sex with..someone shes just using and someone shes not interested in.

    Sorry for the crappy english...but this is one of my favorite the notwist songs and i had to make a comment on it. I think it describes the way everybody wants to find an easy escape for his problems. Sex (like drugs or alcohol) seems to be a way to escape your problems but in the end it only makes things worse!
    silverfuckeron July 19, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI also think this song is about casual sex, about one night stands. It reminds me of a big crush I had two years ago. We met online and most of our interactions were there, we just met twice in person and, even it there wasn't sex involved, we got naked and we were kinda numb because we were a bit drunk. But we stopped talking since then.

    Only the numbers remain, there were no encores. :(
    gravedadzeroon July 18, 2017   Link

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