"The Outsiders" as written by Matthew Robert Bruso, Brendan Alexander Macdonald and Mark Edward Castillo....
The life I live, my last chance at an impact.
But my time's wasted by the people who come and then go.
This one's for them cause the scene's for us.
And I'll give you one chance to stand up and prove to me you're not.
You live your life by a broken promise you made to yourself in the seventh grade.

Three years from now when you turn twenty - one, no longer coming out.
You've become just like everyone else.
You're our permission to work the walls.
You'll be forgotten when you are gone.
This one's for you cause the scene's for us.

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"The Outsiders" as written by Mark Edward Castillo Brendan Alexander Macdonald

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    General CommentI'm fairly sure that this song is about a person breaking edge.
    All the lyrics seem to point to that, anyway.
    BYD isn't a straightedge band, but a few of their members are, and I'm pretty sure this song is directed at someone who broke edge.

    -"The life I live, my last chance at an impact"; living the straightedge lifestyle

    -"But my time's wasted by people who come and then go"; people who make a commitment to be edge and then just drop it later

    -"You live your life by a broken promise you made to yourself in the seventh grade"; the person made a promise to themself that they wouldn't drink/smoke/do drugs but then some time later broke their own promise/commitment of being straightedge

    -"Three years from now when you turn twenty-one"; 21 is the legal drinking age, and "three years from now" means the person is 18, which is the legal smoking age

    -"You've become just like everyone else"; the person took a stand to be different and not give in to alcohol, drugs and the rest, then just gave up and became like the rest of the world; the people that they had promised they'd never be.

    I see people break edge a lot these days, people who were devoted to it with their whole heart and soul, and then they just drop it like it was never a part of their lives. It makes me sick, but mostly it just makes me sad. I'm straightedge and have friends who are mostly, if not all, completely the opposite, and that doesn't bother me, but when someone I know makes a commitment to live this way and then just backs out of it later because they want to go get high or drunk with their idiot friends, I lose total respect for them. And I think that's basically the same thing that this song is trying to say.
    Lanimilbuson July 29, 2007   Link
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    General CommentHrm... anyone seemed to notice the titles for all of the "Cover Your Tracks" albums are the names of movies staring Tom Cruise? Don't know if all of the songs are based on the movies because I haven't seen them all, but I'm sure there's some secret meaning behind it, ha ha.
    me_tall_i_caon March 30, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIn fact, all of the songs have as much to do with Tom Cruise movies as I have to do with what goes on in the Southernmost tip of South America. Other than the titles the songs are completly detatched from Cruise.
    vlf.fata.ugcon April 08, 2006   Link

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