Almost home
Check your mirrors cause
It would be unfortunate
If somehow this lane change
Became life-changing
If you hydroplaned
From the puddles
Accumulated from pouring rain
Slow this car down
To keep this love alive
We are swirving, we are turning
Without the will to survive
Another dark night

The tires spinning through the rain
Reminds me my hopes are rushing down the drain
The radio is reporting a sighting of mars
But the cloud cover's too thick to even see the stars
The stars that used to shine so bright for us
Well, 'they must've died' the message the clouds send
But it takes awhile for them to stop lighting the sky
I guess that tells you just how long it's been

I'm home
I close the door
And collapse on the floor
Where we sat and talked
For hours on end
Before our moonlit walks
We'd take and say "My friend...
where have you been?"
and "let us catch up"
I can't stand seconds I don't see you
Tell me everything
Cause I love you
And that star exemplifies just how much

The pitter-patter I hear on my rooftop
Reminds me just how much memories cost
The T.V. weatherman is on and rambling
About cold fronts, record-lows and jetstreams
He doesn't even mention it's the first starless night
We've seen in so long, last time I wasn't yet alive
In a world accustomed to everything going right
But is it fair to assume 'the strong always survive'?

Tonight the only thing you really told me
Was the silence on the drive home
And me feeling alone in the front seat
Wanting to hug you like the car hugs the road
The only conversation was the rain drops
Against the window, telling me it'll be over soon
I can sleep til noon, but I still know
The same problem will shine through the window
When I wake up, and face me everywhere I go
There is... no... such... thing
As an easy solution
No panacea for our problems
No filter for all this pollutition

So slow this car down
To keep this love alive
We are swirving, we are turning
Without the will to survive
Another night like tonight

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