This was a stormy ending
Water sank our boats
Shouldn't we, oh, shouldn't we
Throw our hopes into the ocean
The ocean
The warm grey sea

Tell me or kick me or hold me or please believe
This is their busted future
And this is our dream
Which one do you believe in, believe in, believe in, believe in
Together, together, together, together
Never to retreat
Mystery and wonder
Messy hearts made of thunder

Somewhere there's a soldier
Sleeping in a field
Somewhere there's a mother, a mother, a mother
A mother, a mother, a mother
Please believe in gentle dreams
The sweetness of people
Whistling in their sleep

The angels in your palm
Sing gentle worried songs
The sweetness of our dreams
Like mountains made of steam

The angels in your palm
Sing gentle worried songs
And the sweetness of our dreams
Like mountains made of steam

The angels in your palm
Sing gentle worried songs
The sweetness of our dreams
Like mountains made of steam

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    General CommentSomehow, all of Silver Mt. Zion's songs get back to the relevance of the government and it's involvement in the world. Well, most of them anyway.

    Most of them deal with the terror induced by war.

    I think in a general sense, this song seems to be about the sinking of a naval regiment. But looking a little further into this song, it seems to evolve into... well, more of a battle against anxiety and panic. The sinking of a naval regiment may just be a vessel for this type of communication.

    Uh, what I mean to say is that this song, of course, puts the pressure on believing. Believe in dreams. And dreams of course, symbolize adherent hope. So, Efrim projects the message that we should all believe in a connotational hope, though, (what I love about this song) is that it is in vain.

    Look at the whole song. The entire effort feels like it is in vain. As if you really are on a sinking boat and everyone is panicking. You can probably tell why Efrim cracks "PLEASE BELIEVE" so loud, due to this.

    It is as if this song tells you to pray and to hold on to what you have, but you look pretty pitiful in comparason to your ultimate demise. Sinking. Drowning. Suffocating.

    Steam, essential, is a water vapor kept under pressure to be used as a force. Steam engines aptly support this fact. So, steam is power. Mountains made of steam, essentially, are mountains made of vapor power. Hope and steam aren't too far apart in comparason. But, c'mon, "Mountains Made of Hope" doesn't sound as catchy. Steam sticks in more sharp satire, as having your head full of "hot ssteam" just means you have some foolish fanatical idea not worth supporting.

    This song seems even more brutal now. Hope in vain. Well, that's just my interpretation...

    I admire this group to death.
    edemaomegaon October 03, 2005   Link
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    General Commentthe meaning of this song to me seems pretty simple to find. asmz are anarchists. anarchy is generally regarded, even by anarchists, as a huge, fantastical idea of a perfect world with all people working together and living in peace that is entirely impossible; an idea that is huge and far-reaching, yet seen as being entirely invalid, as edemaomega pointed out, an idea that is a mountain made of steam. yet, efrim, and many others, believe whole heartedly in their ideals and find comfort and youthfulness and romance in it, and ask others to believe in it as they do, declaring that, despite all of the bullshit our society dumps on the collective unconscious, and despite all of the addictions we all have to aspects of modern society, there is a hope and a chance of really being free.

    "Somewhere there's a soldier
    Sleeping in a field
    Somewhere there's a mother, a mother, a mother
    A mother, a mother, a mother"

    a strong visual. somewhere in a field in some foreign country a soldier lies dead. killed by an enemy soldier, killed by the war, killed by the wealthy fucked up leaders who control the world. this soldier was a son or a daughter. they graduated from school, made friends. they had a life. now they dont. there is a woman once a mother who is no longer.

    there is nothing worth fighting in a war for. life is not about dollars or oil or corporations. none of those things are worth dying for. life is not that big. the meaning of life and happiness is found in small things like love, friendship, living out your dreams, art. "Please believe in gentle dreams, The sweetness of people, Whistling in their sleep." the things that modern society tells us lead to happiness, like money and pride, are rejected. modern society is a huge useless nothing, a mountain made of steam.

    the final chorus is a reference again to the difficulty of believing in and staying true to such a seemingly hopeless dream.
    edgyswingsetacidon August 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentdoes somebody know, whether this song was released on some record, or is it only played on shows?
    iwantobeahorseon March 06, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt's on the album that came out today.

    Horses in the Sky
    Gnomicideon April 05, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti think edemaomega summed it up perfectly. the best part about the song is that it's not fixed on something in particular. the whole "hope in vain"-theory can be applied to pretty much anything (such as my fucked up life).

    i join edemaomega in admiring this group to death.
    proximaon May 24, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song unfuckincredible... I love it ... Amazing and beatiful
    R.P.Oi!on September 22, 2006   Link
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    General Commentit's awesome man...

    Silver mt. zion totally rocks
    Duduzinhuhon April 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIf you go to their site and look at the lyrics for mountains made of steam, it shows a rocket being launched from a battleship, with what appears to be what could be called a "mountain" made of none other than steam.
    vedicardion May 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentPersonally, Horses In The Sky is the best album of ASMZ, but all the others come very close. Mountains Made Of Steam and God Bless Our Dead Marines are the most awesome songs ever... They really hit you emotionally, especially when you are able to sense the passion Efrim puts into these songs; and when the choirs sing at the end of God Bless Our Dead Marines. That's just amazing.
    Just wanted to share this with you guys.

    Now, when I first heard this song, and in particular the sentence 'Somewhere there's a soldier | Sleeping in a field', I thought this was a reference to Le Dormeur Du Val (The Sleeper in the Valley) by Arthur Rimbaud.
    Anyone of you had the same thing/can justify this?

    Nizzon February 19, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think the song has a couple different perspectives and plays with the theme in the rest of this album of government, military, army, war, etc.

    I see the first as being the perspective of a naval officer. If you go to the band's website and look at the lyrics, they have a picture of a ship with a rocket being launched off of it, and then the 2nd picture is just of a calm sea. The first line, "This was OUR stormy ending the water sank our boats." So the naval officer, realizing that they're not going to make it, wants to know if he/she should give up completely, like asking, is this it? Am I going to die now? And at that point of completely tossing hope into the sea, she/he wants to feel something or know that there is more to It (life?) than just this ending they're experiencing. ("Tell me or kick me or hold me or please believe"). As if to say please believe that what I'm about to die for is worth believing in.

    The second perspective comes in the second stanza. This is OUR perspective, those that aren't on that ship. Us folk who aren't serving"This is their busted future", "this" being the perspective the naval officer just recounted. Which future do we believe in? The idealistic one that we dream of, of the soldier/officer dying in some sort of glory? Or do we believe the first perspective, whereby the dying individual sees absolutely no glory or meaning whatsoever.

    The third stanza is relatively straightforward to me, in my interpretation. For every soldier that is in a field, alive or dead, there is a mother somewhere. They aren't just bodies in a field, or expendable collateral, but they are individuals significantly connected to the lives of others. This connection is particularly strong when referring to mother-son/mother-daughter.

    The tone changes after what I would call the climax of the song. I take this to be both literal as in, the song is winding down and symbolic of the hardest part for the soldier/officer who was experiencing this has died. Afterwards the music gets quiet and the last stanzas are whispered as much as they are sung.. Almost as if to comfort the person who has just left the earth .. I imagine a soldier dying, holding pictures of family in their hand ("Angels in your palm sing gentle worried songs") And the mountain made of steam, once that huge bomb that just killed this person is now comforting since there is no more pain. It's almost like a lullaby, sending the person off.
    stillmanon July 25, 2008   Link

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