"Doorsteps" as written by and Riikonen/hayha/merila....
Smoking cigarettes at your doorsteps, looking like I don't care
Try to act younger but I'm four years older
Red stripes hanging on your hair

I'm no good for you (for you)
And you know it too

Games of gain fat in your redhead flat
Staring at the TV screen
Sweating cold turkey and a funny hat
Most annoying show you've ever seen

I'm no good for you (for you)
And you know it too
There's no limit what the next you can do

(ahahaaa ahahaa ahahaaa ahahaaa ahaahaha ahahaha ahaha)
I'm no good for you (for you)
And you know it too

Smoking cigarettes at your doorsteps
Sticking here like a gum
Another one aimless fight no one's got the right to turn your pink world blue

I'm no good for you (for you)
And you know it too
There's no limit what the next you can do

There's no limit what the next you can do(many times)

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"Doorsteps" as written by

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    General CommentThis is the absolutely best Lodger song evaire.
    I think its about a guy who is in love with a girl who used to love him but moved on. And he still loves her but he knows that she deserves better.
    Random Heroon March 09, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti am both parallel and reciprocal to this song

    the first verse. i am four years older and not cool enough. i started smoking and looking like i dont care.

    then i realised it was him who was not good enough for me all along. people said why would i want to go out with him?

    he is the one constantly smoking weed and that is all his life is.

    though love hurts, it makes me realise i am better off without him.

    and i beat myself up thinking im not good/cool enough for him. how stupid of me.

    so anyway, my analysis:

    there's a limit to what nature can do = there's a limit to chemistry and the feeling of love. the rest is what you can do for the other person. i.e. she couldn't have gone on loving him in this present state if she wanted to because he is a bum, and even pure love cannot glaze over that fact.

    maybe this is what i would have realised with time?
    abi33on April 06, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"Getting stoned, Getting fat, in your rented flat."
    and also change 'There's no limit what the next you can do' That obviously makes absolutely no damn sense at all. It is as abi 33 said above "There's a limit to what nature can do"

    Abi I like your post about your personal experience, maybe the person you were with smoke a lot of weed, as do I. Personally though I think it wasn't weed that was dragging him down, the line "sweating cold turkey" that doesn't happen on marijuana, think heroin. Singer sounds lazy as crap all the time as well, like it could possibly be a preference of drug. As far as what Abi said about the limit to what nature can do, and her explanation of that, I believe is right on.

    'Most annoying show you've ever seen' going somewhat by abi33's interpretation above, meaning that in my experience as a man, women have a very different taste of what's funny, the television we watch is an example of that. The girl obviously inside hated the crap he watched, as he did it all the time.
    The girl is obviously younger, he's 4 years old, she has red stripes hanging on your hair could be a usual ribbon that she used frequently. I know no metaphors for the line, I know that in the flash video during that line the character is visiting a bar called 'red stripes.' If the animation is created solely for the meaning of the song then 'Red Stripes hanging on your head' would simply mean he can't wait to get to this bar for a little more intoxicating 'getaway.'
    VoltaMeltedMyFaceon April 02, 2012   Link

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