"She Wandered Through The Garden Fence" as written by and Gary Brooker Keith Reid....
She wandered through the garden fence
And said, 'I've brought at great expense
A potion guaranteed to bring
Relief from all your suffering'
And though I said, 'You don't exist'
She grasped me firmly by the wrist
And threw me down upon my back
And strapped me to her torture rack

And, without further argument
I found my mind was also bent
Upon a course so devious
It only made my torment worse

She said, 'I see you cannot speak
Is it your voice that is too weak?
Is it your tongue that is to blame?
Maybe you cannot speak for shame
Or has your brain been idle too
And now it will not think for you?'
I hastened to make my reply
But found that I could only lie

And like a fool I believed myself
And thought I was somebody else
But she could see what I was then
And left me on my own again

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"She Wandered Through the Garden Fence" as written by Keith Reid Gary Brooker

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She Wandered Through The Garden Fence song meanings
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    General CommentThis song's about love.

    This woman represents a person who comes into another person's life kind of unexpectedly. The potion "guaranteed to bring relief from all your suffering" is a metaphor for love; Are we not promised that love will solve all of our problems? The line, "You don't exist" represents us denying that we are in love with somebody, but you realize this once you are strapped to this torture rack.

    The second verse is meant to represent when we are at a loss for words when we are around those we have feelings for and the constant lying that we do to impress them (Like a fool I believed myself and thought I was somebody else)

    Finally, the woman leaves. The song takes place over a short period of time, showing how people like this can enter and leave our lives very quickly.
    seigion March 25, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAll right first of all I've got to agree with BOTH of those comments. This is a story about love also weaved in with a story about drugs and to some extent personal confrontation.

    So, for the drug side of things, he's saying he took a potion that was supposed to relieve his suffering. in other words, he'd been hearing about how acid was supposed to change your life but because of his devious mind, his torment only gets worse as he is confronted with whatever it is that's causing the suffering in the first place. "She" (ie the personified LSD experience) taunts him for having a devious mind, saying he can't speak out of shame or that he's let himself get stupid. He wanted to speak up and defend his character, but realized that doing so he was just telling a lie to defend his character. In other words, he is suddenly, as the result of a psychedelic experience, confronted with all his deep dark secrets, fears, hidden shame, etc that he didn't really know was there before. He didn't have anything he could say that could take it away or make it somehow better, he found that he could only lie and pretend things were really better than they were.
    And, as the song goes, he believed himself. He thought he was someone else. We all like to think we're a little nicer, a little kinder, a little more reasonable than we really tend to be. You could say we ALL spend most of our time thinking we're somebody else, being the person we'd like to be instead of who we are at heart. So, he believes the lie about himself to protect his dignity, BUT at the next line, "She" sees who he really is, and promptly leaves him all alone. The chance for introspection and mental clarity has gone, he is coming back to his sober mind again, and is left on his own to face the world in his own way. Until he drops again.

    Now despite all that, I do think this could easily pass as a love song too. It's like that painting where you see either an old lady or a young girl depending how you interpret it. This song seems to be equally about both, and probably intentionally is phrasing falling in love in terms of drug experience, and vice versa.
    xxlon May 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about drugs - "a potion guaranteed to bring relief from all your suffering" which only makes our torment worse.
    dabigtrainon April 23, 2007   Link

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