quiet down she said
speaking to the back of his head
on the edge of her bed
i can see your blood flow
your cells grow

hold still a while
don’t spill the wine
i can see it all from here
i can see
i can see
weather systems of the world

and every time you turn the soil
another cloud begins to boil

some things you say
are not for sale
i would hold that we’re
all free agents
of a substance or scale

hold still a while
don’t spill the wine
i can see it all from here
i can see
i can see
weather systems of the world

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    General CommentI think of people's "mental weather:" moods, etc. The woman has intuition, but the man is ruminating. "and every time you turn the soil/
    another cloud begins to boil" suggests that when you think too much ("dig too deep") you stir up trouble. It goes perfectly with the theme of quieting down. He's turned away from her into himself, and she's attempting to bring him back. I like the above comment about the wine. Wine has ceremonial or sacred connotations, so it's not like spilling (for instance) beer.
    Quisquillosoon April 10, 2007   Link
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    General Commentthis is absolutly beautiful song, and it always gets to me. this is the first time that i have ever read the lyrics, and they are just gorgeous. im not quite sure what they mean, givin that andrew tends to speak metiphoricaly a large amount of the time. does anyone have an idea?
    cyanidebreathminton August 24, 2005   Link
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    General CommentMaybe the woman in the song is trying to understand the man's thoughts, which is why she tells him to hold still, so that she can stare at the back of his head and "read" the man's mind. Or, his weather.. systems.
    Laurenneon March 19, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthis song jsut melts my ears off to a whole new land, and It's INCREDIBLE, As my good friend says this man Sings like an angel and whistles like a dove....
    what ever the meaning of this song may be, It's too deep for me to find yet, I just want to enjoy the beauty of this song
    lyssy14on August 29, 2006   Link
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    General Commentto me its all about being truly, deeply and utterly in love.

    It might be that weather systems are his thoughts but I think of the song on a much larger scale. I think weather systems are the measurements of great things (like the weather).

    She's trying to see the measure of how great he is. Not in a "oh you're so great" kinda way, but more of a, "you're such a wonderful person to be around and I'm glad that I'm with you" kind of way.

    She says when he turns the soil another cloud begins to boil, makes me think of, when he walks (as in walks away) it rains.

    A lot of times songs about rain are about crying. So I think that means when he leaves she cries or it makes the world sad.

    I think "the wine" is "the good stuff of life" or the happy moments that they share. "Don't spill the wine" is like saying, "don't let go of this great thing we have."

    But as I move to close this comment, I start to question what I literally just typed.

    If rain is metaphorical for crying, maybe weather systems aren't measures, but more of a metaphor for the chaos of the weather and likewise the chaos of emotions.
    RTBRAND1on March 12, 2007   Link
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    General Commentperhaps "weather systems of the world" could be synonomous with economies of the world?
    just a quick idea.
    AlexKuykendallon May 02, 2008   Link
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    General Commenthmmm i think this song is about an end of a relationship.
    she's speaking to him, but he's not paying much attention.
    "quiet down she said, speaking to the back of his head"
    that's when she sees all the signs of the end. she opens her eyes and sees his blood flow, his cells grow. he's already moving away from her.
    and the part about the wine, i also agree that it's about the good moments they've had. she doesn't want it to spill, and since she sees that he's already forgetting she wishes that if he moves (metiphoricaly) all of their good past will spill, thus disappear.

    and from there i don't know. :D

    maybe weather systems means the changes in his mind?
    or the changes happening to them both.

    "i can see it all from here
    i can see
    weather systems of the world."

    and btw: i loooooooove this song!!
    probably my favorite song from this genious man.
    grrsawnon June 24, 2008   Link
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    General Comment*she wishes that he doesn't move for a little while.
    she wants to savor the good moments before they're gone.

    (yeah. i forgot to put that in) :D
    grrsawnon June 24, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think she's just asking him to calm down, to think slower. He's turning over thoughts that are starting up a storm in his mind. That part's not too deep of a metaphor. Just really pretty imagery.

    That part about being free agents and thoughts not being for sale is intriguing though. I suppose one could read all sorts of things into it, but I bet that there's some clear idea there, once someone figures it out.
    starshine23on September 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics to this seem to fit Bird's personality pretty well. When I hear this, all I can think of is him for some reason. Bird is kind of a crazy genius, and like he's said before has led him to some pretty intense struggles with depression and relationship problems. So I think the lyrics have a lot to do with emotions and depression "quiet, quiet down she said, speaking to the back of his head" is almost like he's lost in thought again, frantically thinking and not being able to focus on anything else. And she's telling him to just clear his mind, because she can see how depressed he is. "hold still a while, don't spill the wine" meaning just be happy for a bit, don't waste something good. She wants to see him happy for a while instead of in his usual gloomy state. "Every time you turn to soil, another cloud begins to boil" - Every time he's down, the world seems gloomier again. Like when he looks down, the skies turn gray. That's what I get out of the song, anyway. Just someone watching someone else struggle with depression, and trying to help them.
    autourdemoion May 24, 2011   Link

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