"The Body Says No" as written by and Carl Allan Newman....
People of Earth we have heard your station
Sold your song to the United Nations
all on a debt to
the heads of state (yeah)
what could you do in this situation?

The voice you know
Wouldn't say yes
the body says no
no no no

The body says no, no no no
I said man can you believe that she didn't need me?

Heavens to Betsy
come on let's see
What could be worse than the wheel of history
Rolling around all the rooms you prayed (played?)in
What can you do in this situation.

Throw the voice you know
wouldn't say yes
the body says no

Man can you believe she didn't need me
anymore than I needed her too?

Am I repeating myself to tell ya
Dreaming is what's left of psychadelia
caught in the wrath (laugh? grasp?) of an outlaw nation
what would you do in this situation?

Throw, the voice you know
wouldn't say yes, the body says no

Man, can you believe that she didn't need me
Anymore than I needed her too.

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"The Body Says No" as written by Carl Allan Newman


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    General CommentIt's a travesty that there are no comments on this song! It's my favorite off of Mass Romantic and in my top five overall. I could listen to it over and over and over and over and often do. It's just do damn catchy. And I think it's one of Newman's songs with a little more bite to it than his usual beautiful, yet often nonsensical, lyrics.

    I think this, like Centre for Holy Wars, is a fairly preceptive and almost precongnitive, take on International Relations. The great thing about it, though, is that it works on a couple different levels as it could also just be a personal relationship. The same themes are resonant in either situation--the breakdown of a relationship based on one party's unilateral decision that they don't need the other. Also, the theme of history repeating itself and an unending cycle of violence seems to be pretty prevalent as well.

    I think the "she" is the U.S. and the "body" is the UN/other nations.

    "what could be worse than the wheel of history? Rolling up over the rooms you've prayed in"
    --the theme that history repeats itself. Also, it evoke the image of a tank rolling around holy sites in the Middle East.

    "Am I repeating myself to tell you dreaming
    it's what's left of psychedelia"
    --i take this as--the hipppie 60s peace movement failed, because we're right back where we started.
    mythofmyselfon October 31, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI have recently come to the conclusion that, despite AC Newman's insistence that many of his songs are simply gibberish, this is a group of existential alchemists working the 'good' side of musical propaganda whether or not they know it. The signature of such an artist is an interdimensional message that has layers like an onion. On a surface level, it can be talking about world government and dissemination among members of an international organization but if you peel the layers back, there are clues to deeper layers of world government and the future plans for humanity.

    To avoid writing a book on the subject of one song, I will encourage readers to brush up on their knowledge regarding alchemy, especially the subject of sexual transmutation. A basic understanding about extraterrestrial involvement is also helpful.

    This song is pointing to an alien battle for the future of earth and humanity. On one side, you have a huge invasive population of sexual aliens who want to make humans into a nonsexual, obedient race like the grays. Other, more benevolent populations also encourage nonsexuality in favor of greater intellect (sexual transmutation results in higher intellect, greater immune system, slower aging, etc.)
    However, sexual transmutation is not the same as nonsexuality. It is higher in a spiritual sense than nonsexuality.

    Our leaders know about this. Some of them aren't even human. The invasive species I mentioned in the above paragraph are genetically compatible with humans (nephilim and 'giants' in Genesis).

    The hook ties all these themes together "Man, can you believe she didn't need me any more than I needed her to"
    Sexuality and intellect are the male and female of our brains; Adam and Eve. This can be a direct reference to an alchemist comprehending, obtaining, and incorporating the effects of sexual transmutation.
    CCubeon March 16, 2015   Link

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