"nothing is ever enough" as written by and Derek W. Webb....
She's not real, she's the spokes on a wheel
But the way she moves will take you where you wanna go
And you're the one that she steals from
But if not you she's gonna find somebody else

‘cause nothing is ever enough

and you love her but you know you've got to leave her
‘cause she's leaving you with no way out

she's a jewel in the nose of a fool
She's beautiful but she don't know who she is
And you're a wreck because you suspect
That she'll never be who she was years ago

‘cause nothing is ever enough

Maybe you don't see it
But she's waiting everywhere you're gonna go
In the faces of the people who look at you
Like someone that they know

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"Nothing Is Ever Enough" as written by Derek W. Webb


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    General Commentderek wrote this song around the time he knew it was time for him to leave Caedmon's Call. It is filled with images and words which seem to suggest that he was unhappy with the direction and goals of the band. He has since admitted that this song captures some emotions and feelings that he no longer has. It was his way of dealing with what he was going through. He played this song for select audiences months before the official announcement of his departure from Caedmon's was made, and remained aloof as to the meaning, so as not to let the news leak before its time. The 'you' in the song is derek, the 'she' and 'her' refers to the band.
    orangemilyon January 20, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI've always wondered what he means by "she's a jewel in the nose of a fool". Maybe a reference to the "Christian" music industry?
    reytimon September 04, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics conjure in my mind a few Biblical images, in particular the "Loose Woman" or "Woman Folly" described by a writer of the Book of Proverbs. Woman Folly is juxtaposed to "Woman Wisdom." In Proverbs, Woman Wisdom represents the way the of wise: the wise person follows the precepts found in God's Law. "The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the LORD." Woman Folly is the way of the world, a beautiful seductress who's "lips drip with honey" who's words are "as smooth as oil" but she ultimately leads to the way of destruction. The woman described here in Derek Webb's song may be an allusion to this Biblical motif.

    The puzzling line "She's a jewel in the nose of a fool" echos the words in proverbs that the way of the Loose Woman is the way of the fool. "You love her, but you know you've got to leave her, cause she's leaving you with no way out" - this line is expressing that the way of the world with its riches and luxuries, represented by Woman Folly, is attractive and easy to fall in love with, but it will trap you and ruin you and lead to destruction. It also reminds me of the imperative in the Book of Revelation "Come out of her my people" the Lord says to the members of His Church who have been unfaithful to God by consorting with the "Whore of Babylon," who is the New Testament equivalent of Proverb's Woman Folly. The Whore of Babylon is depicted as a glutton and a drunkard, drunk off the blood of the saints and fornicating with all the powerful people of the world, including God's own Church. She represents perversion in the Church.

    This is just my interpretation, coming from a student of theology and Biblical studies, training to be an ordained minister. I could be way off base, but given the overtly Christian nature of much of Derek Webb's other lyrics, it would not surprise me that this song was intended to be a subtle, artful representation of that Scriptural motif of leaving the folly of the world and turning to the Wisdom of God.

    God bless =]
    AdamXStaron February 05, 2011   Link

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