Gonna take a meteor shower
Lay me out on the lawn
With one detective's daughter
Nth power, shine on

And maybe my verses
Ain't that free
'Cause there'll be no more poetry

Taurus is a great big bull
He hid my heart out in the woods
The heavens move so slow
But I'm quick and good

And you don't have to be poor
To hang with me
'Cause there'll be no more poetry

There's a God-shaped hole
Bleeding love up above
And in my heart full of soul
I just can't seem to get enough

And you don't have to be poor
To hang with me
'Cause there'll be no more poetry

Cut it up, cut it up
Fill it up, fill it up

And you don't have to see me
To be free
'Cause there'll be no more poetry

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    General CommentI think Jeff is saying that the subtleties and beauty of the written word and creative thought are basically dead. From a third person POV.

    "Gonna take a meteor shower/ To lay me out on the lawn"

    IMO he's saying that this person can't sit out and just look at the stars and enjoy himself. That an exciting phenomenon like a meteor shower is the only thing that can hold his attention if forced to stare out into the night.

    "Taurus is a great big bull/He ate my heart out in the woods"

    I think that these are the correct lyrics. Obviously Taurus is referring to the zodiac sign...the bull. "He ate my heart out in the woods"...IMO he's trying to spice up a story with a grisly and attention grabbing act instead of looking at the cosmic meaning of Taurus.

    "The Heavens move so slow/but I'm quick and good"

    The Heavens being astrology, he's saying that it's kinda boring, but his quick change of turning Taurus into a man eating bull is "quick and good"...showing an arrogance about his storytelling skills.

    "Cut it up, cut it up/Fill it up, fill it up"

    Editing his story, and filling it up with more attention grabbing aka crappy material.

    And with the chorus - "And maybe my verses aint that free" , "You don't have to be poor to hang with me", "You don't have to see me to be free"....references to when poetry was powerful, many poets had relatively meager amounts of money, and would hold free readings so people could enjoy the spirtual and creative meanings of a well written story/poem/etc.
    Mr. Toadon January 18, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti guess it's not too bad there'll be no more poetry, cause i'm not that great at understanding it.
    twee!on January 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI love how he reprises the "God-shaped hole/heart full of soul" line from 'Misunderstood' into this song. A shame it was never officially released.

    I think this song may be just a not-so-simple love song to one of those girls who is taken more with flowery words and big talk than she is with the actual person she's there with.
    thermo4on October 08, 2006   Link

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