"Sense of Humor" as written by and Darren Stanley/conley Hayes....
You will like my sense of humor
You will be addicted to my smile
Laughing all the while
And I will end each conversation
I will leave the room with upper hand
And you will understand

You will find my scent attractive
You will like my real, engaging eyes
And playful, childlike smile
You will find my style appealing
I will overpower you with wits
And I will be a hit

If only you'd run to me
If only you'd come to me
If only you'd relax upon your rules
And dare to be love's fool
If only you'd come for me
If only you'd run to me
If only you'd relax upon those rules
And dare to be love's fool

Waking up from a coma (tossing, turning)
Sweat has covered my body (my mouth felt dry)
My life flashing before me (nothing much to say)
Still it was so boring (did you hear me sing?)
Only I could adore you (the wind through the trees)
Silently barking orders (rushing up to me)
This is only beginning (don't anger the sea)
Oh, the wave's crashing higher and higher on me

Crash, crash, crash, crash

If only you'd relax upon your rules
And dare to be love's fool
If only you'd run to me
All the blinking lights, noise of eternity (if only you'd come to me)
All the sentences swirling inside of me (you will like my sense of humor)
Inside of me (and dare to be love's fool)
(If only you'd come to me)
I have censored my eyes, I get drawn through my ears (if only you'd run to me)
Redirected desire now
It comes out as tears (you will like my sense of humor)
You know, it comes out as tears (and dare to be love's fool)

You will like my sense of humor
You will like my sense of humor

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"Sense of Humor" as written by Darren Stanley Hayes Darren Hayes

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    General CommentI think this song is underrated in The Tension And The Spark, because I consider it within my favourites.
    When I hear it I picture instantly a situation in which the Darren daydreams of being liked by this person he cares so much for...the way they dialogues would be between them...the instant conection and the way he could be able to love her right...But it's all in his head...in reality she is just not even close to him, she is not interested in getting to know him at all and he can only think of "what if..."
    It's such a bittersweet song that suddenly gets to a point when you feel Darren's desperation and need to be loved and understood: "waking up from a coma, tossing turning, sweat has covered my body, my mouth felt dry, my life flashing before me...still it was so boring..." It shows that, in reality, he is all alone, only wishing for a relationship like the one he talks about the beggining.
    "I have censored my eyes, I hear drums in my years, redirected desire now, it comes out as tears...and now it comes out as tears..." so sad, so beautiful, so real to me.
    Gabigson August 10, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song feels so erotic to me. It's so slow, and low, and just commanding. I can see the scene playing out in my head, and it's just amazing. I love this song.
    __midnightdrearyon December 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt is definately a very sensual songs, and one of my all time favorites by Darren.
    Gabigs has an awesome take on this song. I completely agree with everything you said. It's almost as if he's pumping himself up for maybe even trying to concieve of approaching this girl. Or simply daydreaming about these specific moments and motions to tie him over...almost keep him from really falling over the edge, feeding his deflating ego and self-esteem issues. It's a very touching song, in that I think we've all felt this way and always wished we could be something more than we are, but still being completely and totally self-concious.
    Misseveruson March 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI still feel the same, and it has probably become my favourite in TTATS. And I feel the sensuality as well, very strongly in the last verse.
    I'm sensing those feelings lately when I wake up...I find myself facing a not so attractive reality as I would like it to be. And I also dream a lot, specially about this guy who has become a huge ghost in my mind. I keep on dreaming of what we could have been if he had only given me the chance of being myself all the time, and that we could have worked...
    I actually sent to this guy the translated lines of "if only you run to me...if only you come to me...if only you'd relax upon your rules and dare to be love's fool" But I guess it would take a Darren's fan to take them the right way...and besides even though I love him, he is not very touched by this kind of things.

    So I find myself in this situation more than ever, and I sense and feel Darren's pain...thank you Darren!!
    Gabigson March 07, 2006   Link
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    General CommentAgain girl, we have the exact same emotions it seems. I, like you, dream about this boy I've been envolved with EVERY night since we got together. And it's very frustrating, because I NEED to get over him, for my own sanity, yet he stalks me in my dreams. And, I feel the same way about wanting to go back and doing things differently so that things turned out for the better. It's so sad that things have to turn out the way they do sometimes, but we live and learn. At least we are learning together, and with Darren.
    Best of wishes to you again, with getting over this man. :(
    Misseveruson March 08, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThe "if only" thing is really haunting...I feel you, since I feel EXACTLY the same way. When I'm being reasonable (and not just carried by emotions) I tend to think that things went like that for a reason...and maybe it's going to be better in the end...Maybe something really magical and bright is waiting for us after we're out of this hole.
    I feel you, those dreams are the worst. If they're nice, you find yourself alone. If they're not so nice, you feel you're definitely screwed inside and you're wasting your thoughts...

    Best wishes to you too...we'll get over them...!
    Gabigson March 11, 2006   Link
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    General Commenti think all these comments and interpretations are very true to the song, and I agree.

    Just thought I'd point out that you keep referring to a "her". And though I think this song (and most pop songs) are written in way to be universal to the listener, I think its safe to assume in this song Darren is singing about a guy, seeing as he's gay. It also gives another dimension to this song, perhaps he's pining after someone who isn't gay, and hes fantasizing about what could be.

    Its a testament to how well written the song is that it can be interpreted in so many ways.
    vincenzoszon January 31, 2014   Link

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