B. I. Z. A. D. goin' at light speed

Gettin real trashed is a numba 1 plan,
smokin' weed, fucked up with a 40 in my hand,
feelin' good, feelin' great, feelin' like a million bucks,
the thing that beats gettin' trashed is gettin' fucked up!

Huff puff lemme puff the green stuff,
Ruff Ruff, don't give me any guff cause I'm
Buff, Buff, we're too damn tough,
Whamoo!'s beats so hot you can never get enough.

Go joe, I'm rockin the flow
Oh no! Look out Below cause I'm goin
Solo, make your ear drums explode
Let's go back to the chorus, go back to what we know

I'm fucked up, She's fucked up,
get fucked up, we're all fucked up!
I know that you care for me,
but I can't be your poonani.

I know that you can't see me,
creepin through the shadows you got the heebeejeebees.
Baby, I really love you,
Sweety, we really need to get,
Freaky, In my bedroom,
Tiki, lamps and perfume,
Groovy, music at the,
Party, did someone break the,
Jacuzzi? ...Yeah I did,
Sorry, ...whatever Sid.


Yo' Jeff's on the mic, so here I spit,
hit you in the head, colder than a witchs tit,
I don't give a shit, you can't touch me cause I'm too legit.
Back alley boy slammin down 8balls,
Jackin up cell phones, runnin' from the mini malls,
cherry bombs blowin up the bathroom stalls,
rappin so fast my mouth's producin squalls,
huge hoss beast come and feel the wrath,
2 babes givin' me a spounge bath,
sippin on hurricanes out of a caraff,

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It's Not a Party Till Someone Breaks the Jacuzzi song meanings
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