Let's pretend that there's no hole in the wall
Let's pretend it never broke your fall
Let's not have our little talk tonight
Let's pretend everything's all right

Empty bottles and a blackened eye
And the kids cried themselves to sleep last night
I'm just trying to do the best I can
So I can’t promise this won't happen again

Were it not for faith or a little child
I could see myself running wild
But I'll stay with you after our feelings die
So lets got out tonight, tonight

Freedom comes to me in thoughts and dreams
Better life than my reality
With love by choice, through family by design,
Where I'd want you too be mine

But the sun retreats and the full moon's high
So let's go out tonight
Were it not for faith or a little child
I could see myself...

So peaceful so quiet.
You say you're leaving, but I don't think you should try it
My anger, my hatred
You can't go anywhere until you taste it

I love you dearly and I'm nothing without you,
I can't let go and I'm not about to.
I never meant to cause you any sorrow,
But I won't know how to go on if you're not here tomorrow.

Nothing growing, nothing changing
We haven't seen anything new for ages.
My prison, my hatred
Really sorry, but you have to face it.

I couldn't look into the mirror today
Still that stranger wouldn't go away.
And I can't bear to look you in the eye
Because I become all that I've ever despised.

Were it not for faith or a little child
I could see myself running wild
But I'll stay with you until someone dies
So let’s go out tonight

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    General CommentVery powerful lyrics and an outstanding song. It's sad that there are families that do live in these situations. I've grown up in such a situation, so has my ex, most of my cousins, and siblings. I've also known friends who experienced similar dispositions, and not all of them were native. It's one of few that would break me down and make me cry. It's well done and I wish I could get a copy of Dead Issue.
    Gryphonon January 05, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe lyrics are expressed so deeply and well put. This is my favorite canadian band and needs to continue writing tunes for us to enjoy. The lyrics pretty much explains itself , I cant relate in the sense of being in that position but I can have a good perspective of it.Once again, Well put, lyrical wise, and awesome riffs from all members of the band.
    inside_the_cynicon April 09, 2005   Link

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