You're the worst of all with all your accusations and compunction
I can't suffer this duress from someone so
depraved and selfish
You embody all that I've been trough
without you I am sure I will be loved

My existence conforms to your distress
Your ambition,the cause of mine
A disruption,I'm nothing,even less
Misforunes never come singly,and I was there to stay

You don't allow me a single place
nor any love into your lives
An unpercieved,annoying presence you'd rather ignore
But in m life you know you'll leave a
beautiful emptiness

Where you used to be impotent screams
will turn into the love of silence
my liberation,
then silence will be perfect and pure
It's all in my dreams
I'll remove you
and all our mutual disgust

In my dreams,
I solve the problem by removing it
My wish is to see you grovel like you once forced me to!
There's no other way,
here's my course of life
a path without the sickening trace of you
I need the beauty of a clear, pure world
this eternal interruption of your rash life can save me

You don't allow me a single place
nor any love into your lives
an unpercieved,annoying presence you'd rather ignore
But in my life you know you'll leave a beautiful emptiness

It's sad to feel you don't believe in love
it's sad that you're so cold
and I'll be the same if you keep on poisoning my life
Drowning in self-sacrificing visions
when you're gone,than we will all be released

It's sad my life has been like hell so far
it's sad that you're the cause
and I will be cured in this beautiful,empty world
Floating,floating away with your perilous visions and hate
When you're gone,silence will fill up the emptiness
When you're gone,we all will be released

In my dreams I shall rinse my body and soul
My wish, the accomplishment lies here before me in my hands

I will be released from your accusing eyes
and torrents of verbal abuse
You'll know the causes are your own mistakes
while life flows out of you and exempts me forever

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    General Commentthis song reminds me of someone i know... we had, or have, this strange love/hate relationship... i really can put a lot of energy and anger into this song, when i sing along.. i actually love this song alot..! ^^
    zephelon January 02, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis has always been on of my favs by After Forever. It kind of makes me think of the type of relationship with one person being overpowering, and a lot older maybe. And just one person has all the control and the other dreams of being free but actually loves the all-powerful person. Like the slave loves the master but hates being the slave, you know? So I've always thought this song was great :D.

    vampirella666on April 16, 2005   Link
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    General Commentwell you are actually both wrong. this song is of the album invisible circles wich is a concept album. the entire album forms a story. it's about the course of life of a girl who has to grow up without love from anyone. this is a summary of the album:

    01: Chilhood in minor:
    just a instrumental intro

    02: beautiful emptiness:
    the album start with the end of the story. the girl's life has been a complete hell and she turned out the same as her parents so she brutally breaks the circle by murdering her parents. then you here the music of the entire album in reverse very fast. so the story rewinds and starts with the beginning now.

    03: between love and fire:
    the girl is not yet born. the mother has found out that she is pregnant. but the father doesnt want the kid because they both have a career so they won't have time to raise it. and they have a lot a problems with their relationship. but they decide to use this child like a sort of glue to heal their relationship.

    04: sins of idealism:

    the child is born, but its going wrong already. the mother's career is not going well because she has to spend time with her kid and she is blaming her for it. same with the father. the child doesnt understand it and blames herself. she just want her parents to love her but she doesnt get any love.

    05: eccentric:

    the girl is older now and she is in school. but she gets bullied at school. so everything is getting worse and worse. she gets more and more lonely

    06: Digital Deceit

    out of loneliness the girl hides in the world of computer games and internet. in that fantasy world she can be who she wants to be. she is her own queen.

    07: through square eyes:

    a follow up of the previous song

    08: blind pain:

    Everything is getting worse. the parents get a divorce.

    09: two sides

    well not much new in this song, its al just getting worse. the child is getting desperate. she can't hardly hold on.

    10. victim of choices

    the child has reached adulthood. and she starts to feel how her childhood affected her personality. she gets married and gets pregnant. she is in the same position her mum was.

    11: reflections:

    this song is a kind conclusion. the explanation of the invisible circle.

    12: Life's vortex

    This is the invisible circle. an abused child becomes a abusive mother. she now makes the same mistakes her parents made. she is almost a clone of her mother. she cant give anyone love because she has never learned how to love.

    this ends the album, but as i said the story begins with the ending. so after that conclusion that she turned out like her parents she decides that the only thing that can free her is the death of her parents. and because of the immense void of and all emtions destroyed ( the beautiful emptiness) she is now able to kill her parents. ending the story

    very sad but realistic album, and this song is extremely tragic and evil.
    In the miston February 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree. It seems to be the end of the story, and she kills her parents because she believes she will finally be happy without them.

    The whole song is in her prespective.
    reumerenon July 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIf you read the booklet, this is the girl summarizing her life so far...
    Great song.
    HeyParaVersaLeafScenceon May 02, 2013   Link
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    General CommentYou mean that children can't have revenge fantasies? What makes it so, sad is that she is so powerless in the face of such an aggravated insult to everything to one needs to survive. Her desire a safe place where she can be herself. This is why she finds the internet so intoxicating(Digital Deceit, Eccentric).
    MarcoSamyon July 24, 2017   Link

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