I Gotta Know
CHORUS (Red Foo) x 2
I gotta know
Are you my dame
Is this for real
Is this a game

Verse 1 (FIGG)
Now lady listen to me, its getting necessary
I'm not mentally, I'm talking sexually
I wanna fondle with every crack and crevice
You know who I am, so how u dancin aint a service
It's simply the fact that you up to actin like u mine
Coz I rap and Figg up in the club with TECH N9NE
Now whether or not my first album is hot
I'm gettin women's attention as soon as the shit drop
I don't do this 'hip hop'
I'm rock star material, smashin stage props
I'm lost within reason that's why you pleased to meet me
And when I step in your region you only meetin to please me' right??


Verse 2 ( TECH N9NE)
If you want it you gotta, come to the tele with me
Spit rum on your belly quickly sip some till you tell me
Quit me and my hormones, more on than four zones ignore
Phones reachin' for sore bones
Skip the jeffin lift your dress and come excite me, bite me
Hop in the Jacuzzi and get hyphy, might be, doing my thizzle
Ex ignites me psyche, strip me from my t-shirt to my nikes
Let me slow it so you know that I really mean this, English fiendish
Dream this bring this, tunnel cream lipstick, stop your trippin'
Cause the Tecca Nina's cunnelinguistic
I gotta know if you're my ho if you're my friend if you're my foe
And don't tell me it's gonna cost me, cause imma playa off
In the club with Lui and my homie Figg and yes I'm kickin it
With the Aussies I gotta know


BRIDGE (FIGG and Red Foo)
I think I'm lovin it
Coz you hot and bubblin (OOHHH)
I know you're hustling (ON THE FLOOR)
So now I'm wonderin (WHAT YOU WANT)
If you wanna be with me (YOU KNOW THAT)
You gotta sip the D (OOWWWW)
I-C-K you see (OHHH)
So come and play with me

Verse 3 (FIGG)
Now every single minute and second
Tech and Figg are left to inspect the opposite sex
Yo that's when I get
In situations I hate, coz then I can't be debating
Topics on maybe you not coming coz I got 2 Asians waiting lady?
CHORUS x 2 (blended with BRIDGE)



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