"Sparkle!" as written by and Michael Anthony Viola....
Come back home when you've learned to sparkle
All alone in the sky
Come back when you don't feel so awful
Show us all how to shine

Cause we love you
And we care about you
But we need you
To tell us the truth
Cause we want you
To really pull through this time

Oh, Oh, Oh
Get your head in the mix
Take your medicine on time
Get your head in the mix
You're gonna feel better in no time
At all, in no time at all

Come back home when you’ve learned to sparkle
Is it scary out there?
Come back when you don't feel so awful
We really wish you were here


When the visiting hours are over
And there's nobody left there to hold you
Remember Friday will be here soon
You're coming home
You're coming home again

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    My InterpretationOkay, this a song that confused me more than I want to admit. I LOVE this song and play it all the time, but I just didn't get what it meant. I would listen to the lyrics and wonder why a song that seemed to be about the singer's concern for a loved one who, perhaps, may have been recovering in a mental hospital (they needed to 'get [their] head in the mix') sounded so hollow and flippant. There was a sort of dissonance between the lyrics (which sound caring) and the tone and some of the lyrics (which don't make the singer sound all that concerned.) I also didn't get why it matters whether they sparkled~ or not... where did that come from?

    But then I thought about a different meaning: maybe the song is about a stage parent or an uncaring manager. It sounds like a situation this parent or manager find themselves in if their charge/performer, their money maker, is overtaxed and so burnt out that they needed serious help. They've been recovering, but are reluctant to get back into the swing of things because their life is so stressful - maybe thanks to the singer's pushiness. The parent/manager in the song acts like they're concerned and want them to get better, but they don't care all that deeply about the person who needs help. They just want them to take their medicine and get on with their life, and mostly because of what the recovering person can do for *them.*

    Basically, I think it's about a selfish, imperceptive person who isn't as worried about a person who depends on them as they could be and don't realize that it's their own behavior that's really hurting the other person. This is probably a HUGE stretch, and maybe I'm reading the song completely wrong, but that's just what makes sense to me.
    Amprison October 15, 2010   Link

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