Speak to me
your silence looks at the inside
I won't resist

It is a while,
in your emptiness I feel that
I won't make it

walk on by
you walk on by

wondering why

wandering from you
falling at your side
wandering from you
healing my desire

stumbling in your soul
give yourself to me
hurting your desire
healing mine

unleash me
from my remorse,
you are different
while I am dying and then
I'm rising again inside you

as long as I live
remembering you like this
will be an eternal blame on me

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Comalies (English Version) song meanings
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    General Commentthankyou so much for translating this!
    fallen_roseon January 07, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis is part of a story
    Self Deception, Comalies, and When A Dead Man walks are all part of a story about an innocent man going to jail while the guilty man runs free, but later turns him in

    Self Deception is the first part of the story
    When a Dead Man walks in the second
    Comalies is the third

    (This is the total Run down)

    A man takes the fall for someone who is guilty
    The innocent man thinks that the guilty man will soon turn himself in, but when he doesnt he lashes out and is sentanced to the death penalty (Self Deception)

    The man deals with the thoughts of being a "Dead Man Walking" knowing that he is going to die. (When A Dead Man Walks)

    The guilty man is feeling guilty for having this man suffer for him. And seeing him already practially dead, but still waiting to be killed will forever be a blame on him, so he finally comes forward (Comalies)
    Coilerfan35on February 19, 2009   Link
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    General CommentNot a problem. I love this song sooo much.
    escenceon January 10, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis song to me is about those symbiotic relationships. When one thing is hurting, the other is healing. If this is about a relationship, most likely one person is self-destructive, but the other is doing well. When the self-destructive one is happy, the other is feeling unhappy. Or something like that. They try to break away but when they do they realize that they cant live without each other.

    Or this could be about a person with a split personality. One is in love with someone but the other less dominant one is trying to do all they can to break up with the others love.

    I dunno. This is a hard one...
    nightsofglasson September 27, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI can agree with nights of glass on this. It might also be about someone dying, just from the wandering from you falling at your side, (wandering from you as in coming in and out of being awake or dead, and falling at your side as in showing desperation) but this is only my opinion and im not positive on it. But i agree witheveryone on when I say this is one of my favorite songs off this cd. This one and daylight dancer are my favorites by far. Excellent CD
    ZionsVillageIdioton October 29, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThe relationship I have to it, and the meaning I myself have made for this song is this. Two people seperate, one is still in love with the other meanwhile, the other has no problem moving on, so the other takes more time, then when the one that couldn't move on finally does move on, the other person starts to realize the other person is actually gone and regrets it. It's just the way I see it. Great song though, I'm seeing them in concert on the 19th! :)
    rpet21on July 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI'm partially agreed with nightsofglass. The song is about a symbiotic relationship where one of them (the guy I guess) is not longer in love of the girl and she feels kinda responsible of that ("as long as I live remembering you like this will be an eternal blame on me"), maybe she did something bad or wrong and things started to change and she asks why... She’s trying to get into him, doing everything possible and that makes her feel good, ‘because she feels like things can work out once again… But then she stumbles and the beg him to trust her and the relationship but that’s not what he wants, that makes him feel unhappy… Maybe he’s trying to break away, as nightsofglass said, but somehow he feels co-dependent or pushed not to cause any extra pain to her, ‘cause she still in love of him and is extremely co-dependent…

    I dunno, it's a complicated relationship... That’s my humble opion…
    Roxcon January 14, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI heard that this song is part of a story
    Self Deception, Comalies and When a Dead Man walks is all part of a story about an innocent man sentenced to jail and sentanced to death: in the end the real criminal giving in

    This makes me think that this is the end of the story
    The guilty person is stepping forward

    "in your emptiness I feel that
    I won't make it" makes me think that the guily person is feeling guilty for the person falling for them, but is scared to turn themselves in

    "stumbling in your soul
    give yourself to me
    hurting your desire
    healing mine" - Makes me think of the person who is in jail for something the other person did. That person who is in jail is killing their desires, while the guilty one can run free.

    "unleash me
    from my remorse" This reminds me of a person finally coming to the decision of turning them selves in

    "remembering you like this
    will be an eternal blame on me " - To me says that this person is saying I should have done this sooner and your suffering is all on me and will be on me forever
    Coilerfan35on February 19, 2009   Link
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    General CommentInteresting point!
    Roxcon March 09, 2009   Link

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