"I Love You" as written by and Diane Warren....
Wish I could be the one
The one who could give you love
The kind of love you really need

That I'll always stay with you
But baby that's not me
You need someone willing to give their heart and soul to you
Promise you forever, baby that's something I can't do

Oh I could say that I'll be all you need
But that would be a lie
I know I'd only hurt you
I know I'd only make you cry

I'm not the one you're needing
I love you, goodbye

I hope someday you can
Find some way to understand I'm only doing this for you
I don't really want to go
But deep in my heart I know this is the kindest thing to do

You'll find someone who'll be the one that I could never be
Who'll give you something better
Than the love you'll find with me
Oh I could say that I'll be all you need

But that would be a crime
I know I'd only hurt you
I know I'd only make you cry
I'm not the one you're needing
I love you, goodbye

Leaving someone when you love someone
Is the hardest thing to do
When you love someone as much as I love you

Oh I don't want to leave you
Baby it tears me up inside
But I'll never be the one you're needing
I love you, goodbye

Baby, its never goin' work out
I love you, goodbye

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"I Love You Goodbye" as written by Diane Warren

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    General CommentI had a girl play this song to me every time I went to visit her and it took me 8 months to actually realise that it was about us. Yeah Im pretty dumb :P

    Its hard to listen to it now, as we broke up 5 years ago, but I still have fond memories of those times.. its a nice song.
    bigdave69on December 31, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song tells the story of longing for the one you love. Tells the story of going through the process of working up the courage to make it known...and hopefully not getting shot down.

    Don't give up on love, for true love will always find its way.
    Ashleigh9169on July 29, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIt is such a nice song, with very true lyrics. It is hard when you love someone and you cannot show it in the open. I am in that situation. I met this guy 4 years ago and we immediately had a connection of some sort, I just knew he was attracted to me and vice versa!! But we are both married (unhappily). And we both have very jealous spouses that will not let us go. At last 2 years ago I got the courage to tell him I like him more than just friends!! He was very flattered and told me he feels the same. Now we are both waiting for the right moment to make a change in our current relationships so that we can be together forever.....I also told him I loved him last year and that I cannot live without him. He has not admitted to loving me as yet, but I am sure he does. He just told me that he does not want to get to committed now, because it will just make things difficult for both of us. I miss him so much and want to spend the rest of my life with him. This song reminds me such a lot of our circumstances and if I listen to it, it makes me think of him....
    SARAHBLASKOon January 29, 2015   Link

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