JASON:joints are all stiffening i can't move at all, like a madman at the wheel i feel like i'm losing control, things that were once easy our now such a task, spent living my tired life through tired eyes, i'm forgetting names, i'm forgetting faces of all the ones that i love, soon the day will come when all will be for not a lifetime led just to be forgot, as hard as it is the believe that this would happen to me but, i'm afraid that i can't remember, these pile of bones will find their home in a paper thin casing you call skin, maybe if i take this pill or use this cream, i won't grow old, i'll stay young forever, sieze the day there might not be another chance when each day feels like it might be your last, my chest has tightened up, i can't breath on my own, i need the aids of machines, is this the life you wanted for me cause i'll tell you one thing it's not the one i dreamed, when you count every wrinkle and all the grey hair, you'd give up anything to be young again, sorry, i hate to break it to you but, the fountain of youth is a mere pipe dream, it's not hidden in a pill or a cream, a life time of knowledge just flushed down the drain, what a waste.
TOM: fighting to keep my place in this movie. but you're nothing against the persistance of aging. we all die, we all breath, but do we all live the way we had in mind.

TOM: this song is about getting old. it's a cold hard fact that one day we will all be old and our bodies will break down. we won't remember our friends or the times we spent. i think about my grandfather in his last days when we put him on a respirator and he couldn't breath on his own because his lungs were filling up with fluid. we were keeping him alive for us, not for him. this song also address societies infatuation with looking young and staying young by means of creams, pills and surgeries. cheating age will enivitably have it's price.

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forgetting names and faces song meanings
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