"Chambermaid" as written by and Emilie Autumn....
Show your face
Don't hide
Take off the mask now
Underneath is a deep dark secret
Take me for a ride
Upon your white horse
Take your love
'Cause I don't want to keep it

I am out of place
And honey you are out of Time
I'd tell your fortune
But the words don't rhyme

I'm not your chambermaid
You're not my lord
All the fine games we played
Have left me bored
I never want to see you come around my castle
'Cause I just can't afford to love you
I'm not your chambermaid
You're not my lord

Tell me what I have to do to make you
Understand it's a lost cause lover
Tell me while you're at it how it feels to
Hold me close when you've been thinking of her
I don't want to hear you say you love me
You've been gone such a long time
Won't you turn around
Before I have to see this
Face I once adored
Don't you see

I am out of place
And honey you are out of Time
I'd tell your fortune
But the words don't rhyme


You have no hold over me
What's in your cards now let me see
I hope you've got what you wanted
There's just one thing I know will never be


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"Chambermaid" as written by Emilie Autumn

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    General Commenti thinks is little story about a girl married with some guy that was in in love with him, but no anymore, ´cause he handless her like a chambermaid, and like if he was his lord!

    they both go for a ride
    satying out of place and time to speak
    and then she began to tell him how she feels about that situation ,
    how she don´t belive in that love anymore,,
    and tells him the fortune even if the words don´t rime!
    WYRMVATERon September 23, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI believe that she had met someone whom she believed to be her knight (or lord) in shinning armor, and then discovered that he was by far less, I guess it's fitting to say "the best part of believe is the lie"
    l177l30n3on March 30, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI read the lyrics, and I feel she wanted to tell us, that there was a man, that thought, she´s his servant, but she wanted to be independent, and he didn´t understant that. She may didn´t love him at all, I don´t know...
    Raven-chanon June 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentShe loved him, but he was just pretending("Show your face, don't hide, take off the mask now") or hiding a secret lover from her. She doesn't belong with or to him, saying she's not his chambermaid, that he doesn't own her.
    ladyofshallotton January 26, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI can't believe no one has thought of this yet, but here it goes. I think this is actually referring to the singer as "the other woman", the one the man is cheating with. In the old days, the Lords of manors and even the owners of plantations were renowned for sleeping and messing around with the "lower servants" or "chambermaids". So this song is about someone discovering that she is or someone intends to make her "the other woman" and she's totally rejecting it, in fact, claiming to have her own caste which he can't rule either.

    That's just my two cents though.
    CaitSithon August 28, 2008   Link
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    General CommentCait is correct, in the old days Lords would have their way with Chambermaids, and what the narrator is saying is that she is not a chambermaid, and will not be treated as such. She's been this man's lover, and has discovered (or already knew) that he already had a "lady" and he cant see her often because of this.
    "Hold me close when you've been thinking of her
    I don't want to hear you say you love me
    You've been gone such a long time"

    What she says is that she is in control, and shes dropping him... Chances are the narrator was giving him money or goods because she enjoyed his company, like she was his 'sugar mama' =]
    TahvoUrpoon June 05, 2009   Link
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    General Commentnot having read this

    I would say this is about simple rebelion

    someone is ecpecting her to clean the house
    and keep things order

    someone believes her position is to take care of them
    Matt Holckon August 15, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningAll of Emillie Autumn's songs are based on events/life in the Victorian Ages,she mentioned this in a interview. When she was very little she became fascinated with this age,she writes about womens life during that time. This song is,as someone has already stated,about a young girl who this Lord thinks of as a Chamber maid. She is stating that she is in fact NOT his Chamber maid and he is NOT her Lord no matter what he thinks or says she will never be what he wants her to be and he will never be to her what he wishes for him to be.'Show your face' I.e show your true self and stop pretending to be what your not. He pretends to be a gentlemen and a good person but he is in fact not.
    IWantGummieson January 31, 2010   Link
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    General Commentlooks like it didn't work out

    I am tired of conflict
    Matt Holckon April 30, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about a girl who fell in love with someone who treated her like a "chambermaid"after pretending that he wasn't like that.
    haganechibion November 10, 2011   Link

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