Bless me Father, bless me Father for I have sinned.
I've been twenty seven years now in this skin I'm living in.
Forgive me, forgive me and I'll not let you down.
Like Prometheus in the morning I'm bound to come around.

I stole and I lied, I was cruel and mean and vicious,
Petty and pedantic, vulgar, uncouth and ruthless.
I hurt my little brother, I deceived my aging mother,
And I was called a lying bastard by my ever-loving father.
I've lied and I've cheated, been in brawls I never started,
Been known to fall in love easier than I've farted.
And I've cursed my friends for my own ends,
But now it's time to make amends, so

Bless me Father, bless me Father for I have sinned,
It's been twenty-seven years and I remember every sin.
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, my life's an open book,
And if you show me yours then I'll give you a quick look.

There was Jenny in Kilkenny and Barbara in Barbados,
Helen in the back seat, Jill and Jean and both their neighbours.
Henrietta, so did I, Selina and Patrice,
A family of Quakers and their fifteen year old niece.
A thousand other sordid other nights that I cannot recall,
But I never paid for sex once, well once, and that is all.
With this girl with thighs as white as milk that tasted just like honey,
And to own her for half an hour you'd only have to give her money.
Now you've lived your life of chastity and you must find it funny,
That I can call you Father - you can never call me sonny, so

Bless me Father, bless me Father for I have sinned,
It's been sixty-seven years and I remember every sin.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm really, really sorry,
I'm bad, I'm bad, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.

In Amsterdam I shot a man - in Paris I got drunk.
In Brussels I went to Antwerp - in Paris I got drunk.
In Zimbabwe I kissed a dog - in Paris I got drunk.
In Paris I said WOAH!!

Well, I caught a card shark cheating caved his head in with a spade.
He thought I was the king of fools, but I was just a knave.
I seduced his wife at his funeral, I had her on his grave,
So when he died I got a million bucks so I'm well laid.
I got Pluto pregnant, I felched Minnie Mouse,
Go fetch Mephistopheles, I'm more susceptible that Faust.
I've stuffed myself on life, satisfied each and every urge,
I don't regret a moment, I'll be damned before I'm purged.

Live for the moment, take your pleasures where you can,
We're all dust and we'll be dust again.
So let's live, let's live, let's live, live, live, live, live until we die.
Die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die, die.

Lyrics submitted by miss_depp, edited by DougsGirl

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