"On the Edge Of" as written by and Mimi J. Parker George Alan Sparhawk....
Soft from your lips to the rise of your stomach
Your long filthy fingers keep jamming words down my throat

Nothing to steal you've got nothing to love
Nothing to spill because oh we're so innocent

Oh, oh, on the edge of
Oh, oh, on the edge of

I could have built you a house on the ocean
The ocean repeating, receding in to the sun

So cut to you, Daniel, now cut to the live feed
Cut through our bodies at last bleeding in to one

Oh, oh, on the edge of
Oh, oh, on the edge of
Oh, oh, oh etc

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"On the Edge Of" as written by Mimi J. Parker George Alan Sparhawk


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    My InterpretationMaybe I've got tunnel vision about this, and only see things in this way due to a bad breakup, but this looks kind of like that.

    One side (I'm guessing the man due to Alan's vocal dominance) gave his all and then some in this relationship, thus becoming passive; willing to please his significant other by any means possible. Naturally, going by the somber and mournful sound of this song, that significant other cheated/broke up/did something that ended the relationship, giving her "nothing to steal", "nothing to love," and "nothing to spill" because he is now gone.

    Of course he misses her, and rhetorically tells her of all of the wonderful things they could have done together ("I could have built you a house on the ocean"), but she doesn't listen, bringing us to the present (the "live feed") which is of loneliness and despair.
    UntilYouReformon January 18, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationLooking at it again, this could definitely be about an abortion. The female partner got an abortion without the father's consent ("jamming words down my throat"). Though the baby was unexpected, the future father was very much looking forward to having a child, and is extraordinarily angry at the mother (there's so much sarcasm in the "oh, we're so innocent" line) for taking that away from him.

    The father was looking forward to what he could have done for his child (the "house on the ocean" line, demonstrating doing the impossible for your love), but that is over, and in a very graphic depiction of how when the abortion specialist cut into his partner's body, that person also "cut through" his.

    Cutting through to the "live feed," or the present, the mother now regrets her decision, and soon her regret and her husband's depression "bleed" slowly into one, and they realize they only have each other.
    UntilYouReformon January 24, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI like your ideas untilyoureform, and I absolutely love this song. It reminds me of a not so great experience I've had with someone who i can't help being close to.
    Nightyon April 08, 2010   Link

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