"Graceful Dancing" as written by and Justin Furstenfeld....
Describe the pain
It choked your reality
It’s all in your mind
She said it
Instead you go graceful dancing
You close the door
on the war I started last Halloween
I’m gonna be fine again
You got to keep graceful dancing

Here we are
And you’re a super star on your own
And I’m looking over your shoulder
Getting older and God only knows
That here we are
And you’re a super star on your own
Now here we are
Your sunset reigns
Like a bullet hole
Trees only seems for hanging
A moon is a target range
And rivers seem only for drowning
You fall away and then you starve
To finish your painting
Well its gonna take time my friends
You have to keep graceful dancing

Here we are
And you’re a super star on your own
And I’m looking over your shoulder getting older
And God only knows that here we are
And you’re a super star on your own
Now here we are

Who knows
That here we are
And you’re a super star on your own
And I’m looking over your shoulder getting older
And god only knows
That here we are
And you’re a super star on your own
Now here we are

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    My InterpretationSince everyone who is a fan of Blue October is aware that Justin has a sort of bipolar disorder, majority of his songs are about the emotions from the issue. I also have bipolar and so many of his songs are easy to see the meaning behind. Everyone interprets songs differently and with this one, I can relate. My boyfriend is a bubbly, full of life, optimistic guy, and he doesn't need medication to be like this. For me, this song is about someone (who like my boyfriend) is full of life on their own "And you're a superstar on your own, and I'm looking over your shoulder getting older" I sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on life because its harder to enjoy things when your mind isn't working properly and I just have to keep telling myself I'm going to be fine "I have to keep graceful dancing"

    "Trees only seem for hanging, the moon is a target range, and rivers seem only for drowning"

    I may be wrong but personally, I precept that the things around us like trees and water should be seen as beautiful things, but instead they are seen as things that one could use to die.

    Again, everyone takes songs in differently..
    meglyn21on August 14, 2009   Link
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    General Commentno one commented on this song..in 3 years?!

    i will.
    this one's really deep.
    the middle verse seems so pessimistic.
    i'm going to go ahead and guess that this woman in the beginning is the optimist (being shes a superstar on her own) and he's the pessimist according to the middle verse.

    idk. that's my perception.

    still loveee this song.
    lovesxcmpltlyrealon April 17, 2007   Link
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    General Commentto me, it sounds like this guy has serious self concious-type issues and he's envious of this woman's life. in the first few lines he's in so much pain that his reality is messed up and she's almost telling him to just get over it. he feels like he's getting old now and he hasnt lived his life as well as she has, and now life seems like complete crap. when he says "you fall away and then you starve" it sounds like he has an eating disorder or BDD, especially since he can't get over these awful feelings. behind all of the darker lyrics, he's saying that he's going to make himself feel better by "gracefully dancing", which is something that he can do without worrying about envy, or getting old, or feeling awful about life. it probably makes him feel better about life actually, since its the only thing left that he can enjoy.
    imaginexothaton April 17, 2007   Link
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    Song MeaningI picture the guy and girl somewhere they have met up together and they are dancing. He caused her pain in some way and she shut him out; maybe addiction. As they dance he looks over her shoulder while thinking how she is a star in his mind and that what he has left is despair. He realizes what he's lost. He doesn't want time to go by without being with her. He sees how grand she is on her own. The song doesn't suggest how she will respond but she is dancing with him.
    jenqon May 18, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationI really think it's just about keeping your head up no matter what.
    RedefineBeautyon May 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI agree with RedefineBeauty. I think its about keeping your head up and just doing what you can to keep going. About not giving up so easily.
    latemornings36on July 20, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI see it as more of a person always seeing the worse in everything.
    the trees only seem for hanging and rivers only for drowning.

    the person see the bad in everything because a person that they thought depended on them is able to function on their own-self. so now he feels that he has been left in the dust, just a lost memory.

    my favorite line has to be

    - bore the blame and then you starve to finish your painting, its going to take time my friend you have to keep graceful dancing

    im an art student so i know how it feels and I've seen several of my friends in studio late at night foregoing food just so they can finish their work.
    dpm911on April 29, 2010   Link
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    Song Meaning*DISCLAIMER* I have just obtained a copy of Justin Furstenfeld's book Crazy Making. It's not very detailed, but it contains all the lyrics to all current (The Answers - Approaching Normal) Blue October songs, and his inspiration behind them. As I said, it's not very detailed, but it's his words on every Blue October song that is in the book. I know everyone interprets a song differently from everyone else, but having the original intent behind the song will be helpful to people who don't fully understand a song. Also, any grammatical errors are not made by me, I'm putting down Justin's words exactly how he writes them. So yea... enjoy :)

    Graceful Dancing: "A sad song reminding you to keep moving forward"
    marquptonon June 04, 2011   Link

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