Secretary: Mr. Chandler, Mr. Ward's here to see you.
Tim Chandler: Hey MC!
mc chris: Tim, Tim Chand-MC Chris in the house.
Tim Chandler: Haha, yeah.
mc chris: Tim Chandler, New Pop. How are you, sir?
Tim Chandler: I'm good, how are you?
mc chris: I'm great, sir. And you?
Tim Chandler: Ha...ha...I'm good. Listen, have a seat.
mc chris: Thank you, thank you very much. This is comfortable...
Tim Chandler (to Secretary):Thank you, Princess. You can go...
Secretary: Oh..okay
Tim Chandler: Ohhh. Let me start by thanking you for a second.
mc chris: Okay...
Tim Chandler: The album...I got the preorders in, they look great. The album sounds great.
mc chris: Thanks a lot.
Tim Chandler: You look like a million bucks.
mc chris: Thank you, thank you very much.
Tim Chandler: Uhhhhh...
mc chris: What-what's the matter, Mr Chandler? You look something the matter?
Tim Chandler: You don't know what I'm going through. It's becoming more and more appearant as the days tick by in my head that...that pop punk is dead...
mc chris: What!?
Tim Chandler: ...and hip hop is the wave of the future.
mc chris: Well...I guess it could be...I mean we don't know for sure.
Tim Chandle: These bands, they have nothing to sing about except how girls they loved and then the girls didn't love them and they...mmmmmmm
mc chris: Look c'mon that's good music, Mr.
Tim Chandler: Ugh...gimme a break.
mc chris: Mr. Ch-
Tim Chandler: Egghead's got a song about how hot dogs taste good...I know hot dogs taste good!
mc chris: I know you do, sir.
Tim Chandler: I eat hot dogs!
mc chris: I know, you have some on your desk...
Tim Chandler: Ohhhh...Dirt Bike Annie, sure they got a woman in the band...but she's married!
mc chris: But, it's a great ban-
Tim Chandler: It's a cock-tease band!
mc chris: There my, there my friends, dude.
Tim Chandler: They tease my cock.
mc chris: Mr. Chandler...
Tim Chandler: Listen up. You kid, you're where it's a cause you can actually have sex with women for christ's sake.
mc chris: Well...I do...
Tim Chandler: That's what I'm looking for, a man's man.
mc chris: Yeah...yeah, that's who I am.
Tim Chandler: Allllright...Get the fuck out of my office.
mc chris: O...o...o...okay...Mr. Chandler...thanks for seeing me...
Tim Chandler: Uh huh...

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