"The Beheading Of A King" as written by and Johan Soderberg Fredrick Andersson....
A mighty fleet came across the strait
But Erik was prepared
Five hundred Germans had come to his aid
On horseback with their spears

The fleet was carrying two thousand men
Eager to draw blood
But as they were about to land
Erik released his heards

One thousand men and five hundred horsemen
Came charging down the beach
When the sea-king saw this force
He gave order to retreat

All obeyed except one ship
It held the king's own son
He despised the thought of flight
And attacked on his own

The Danish fleet had to turn around
They charged King Erik's men
But it was too late to save his son
His life was already spent

The fighting continued bloody and fierce
And the bloodshed was immense
Two thousand warriors died that day
Most of them were Danes

The Danish king was captured
Most of his guards were dead
For a ransom he was released
Then his people took his head

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"The Beheading of a King" as written by Johan Hegg Fredrick Andersson


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    General CommentI think it's pretty obvious that it's about an opposing army taking a King's head off and the whole battle involved with it. Don't know who Erik is, and the whole Thing with the germans (was this a real event?)

    anyway, the riff is so powerful and drives the whole song. Awesome..and really short for some reason.
    XslipknotX90on June 01, 2006   Link
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    General CommentThis song is like..awesome.
    The vocals, (even though they're a bit demented, it's fucking cool) the riff is awesome, and the story is cool.

    The beheading of a king. Though, i'm not sure what war they could be talking about..it has a midevil feel to it, and it's fucking kickass.
    donisamaggoton July 30, 2006   Link
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    General CommentOf course this was a real event!

    Most likely it's the Battle of Foteviken
    At the time when this event took place, Sweden as a country didn't really exist. It concisted of smaller kingdoms and in Scania (Skåne) ruled king Erik.
    Scania however, was under influence of neighboring Denmark, and had to pay taxes to the danish king, but when Erik refused the Danish king decided to go to war.

    Erik, who got wind of this expedition, called upon 500 German horsemen to aid him in his defence of Scania, and when the danish fleet arrived they were crushed.
    King Erik took the Danish king prisoner, and after demanding a big ransom he was released and sent home to Denmark. The danish people was not pleased with their kings actions, and had him killed by beheading...

    If you're interested in the details of the story, I recommend a trip to Fotevikens Vikingareservat south of Malmö. It's a rebuilt Viking village and open air museum. A really cool place.
    Shimmergloomon September 28, 2006   Link
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    General CommentYep, it's the battle of Fodevig / Foteviken. The King in the title is King Niels Of Denmark. His son in the lyrics is Magnus The Strong.

    And of course, the hero of the song is Erik II, "The Memorable", king of Scania and later of Denmark.
    6th_sadistic_sniperon March 22, 2007   Link

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