Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from another you been messin’ around
They say you got a boy friend
You’re out late every weekend
They’re talkin’ about you and it’s bringin’ me down

But I know the neighborhood
And talk is cheap when the story is good
And the tales grow taller on down the line
But I’m telling you, babe
That I don’t think it’s true, babe
And even if it is keep this in mind

You take it on the run baby
If that’s the way you want it baby
Then I don’t want you around
I don’t believe it
Not for a minute
You’re under the gun so you take it on the run

You’re thinking up your white lies
You’re putting on your bedroom eyes
You say you’re coming home but you won’t say when
But I can feel it coming
If you leave tonight keep running
And you need never look back again

Chorus x3

Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from a friend who
Heard it from another you been messin’ around

Lyrics submitted by Eralstud

Take it on the Run song meanings
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    General CommentBeing "under the gun" means the pressure is on you. She has gotten away with whatever she has done for a long time, but now she is feeling the heat and she is on the run, hiding from the truth.
    PrenticeGTon September 22, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI always thought it was about a man who's heard that his girlfriend is cheating on him, and because he thought that they were perfect together, and that he really understood her, he couldn't picture her cheating on him. Thus, he's appealing for her to tell him the truth.
    KellyWon February 20, 2007   Link
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    General Commenti get the same thing, but i took under the gun more as "put on the spot" like he is specifically questioning her. not that she is alone.
    Garreton April 01, 2008   Link
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    Song MeaningSo far I haven't seen anyone nail the meaning of this song. I have a 100% connection to what this song is about.

    This song is about a guy who is dating a woman. This woman has obviously been leaving for periods of time and he has this trust in her that everything is ok.

    Then he starts hearing from people that "you've been messing around." So it seems on one of the night she plans on going out, he starts asking about where she is going and what she is doing that night and he sees that "You’re thinking up your white lies. You’re putting on your bedroom eyes. You say you’re coming home but you won’t say when..." He puts her "under the gun" by telling her what he has been hearing and tells her that at that moment he doesn't believe it but to take this message when she is leaving "so you take it on the run" (also implies that she could be running around with other men so he might actually believe it) and the key message is "If you leave tonight keep running" because if she does leave, he doesn't need her coming back again.

    The under the gun is telling her she needs to make a choice. She can either stay with him or he believes she really is messing around with other people and he doesn't need her still around.

    He tries to give her the benefit of the doubt though by saying the rumors could be nothing and talk is cheap. He wants her to prove to him with actions that she wants to be with him by staying. If she leaves though, he will believe what the others are saying and that she is messing around on him.

    Unfortunately, the song also implies that she did leave him instead of staying, so he says "You take it on the run baby, if that's the way you want it baby, then I don't want you around."

    cold0eroon December 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI can't believe that no one has submitted this song before me, I thought it was their biggest hit. I think this song is about the lead singer's girlfriend who claims that she's cheating but really isn't. Basically she just wants attention, but he's not believing it.
    Eralstudon November 17, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThe song is about a man who has been away from his ex and has been hearing stories about how she is messing around on him behind his back. He doesnt want to believe it, but if its true he doesnt want her around. She is "under the gun" meaning that she is all alone because he is gone, so she "takes it on the run" meaning she sleeps around.
    one800jonon October 09, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI also wanna add that the guitar solo in this song freakin rocks!
    PrenticeGTon September 22, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI agree with Eralstud. This song should have at least 30 comments or more. This song is a favorite of mine. The words just flow in it. My favorite part is

    "Heard it from a friend who
    Heard it from a friend who
    Heard it from another you been messin' around"
    Rollingstonesrockon February 22, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI agree with the both of you. This song is great. It hits so close to home with me.
    chronic_krystalon March 18, 2005   Link
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    General CommentAn absolute classic!
    I love the song!
    MookieBomberon September 23, 2005   Link

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