Scod: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Part 2 of "Surfers' Paradise - the Musical", or whatever the hell we called it. Now, some excerpts from episode one:

Yon: Yea...
Gatesy: NO!...
Scod: Of...
Yon: The...
Gatesy: Yo, Bindy!
Scod: When...

Yon and Scod: Now it's schoolies week,
Gatesy: SeaWorld and MovieWorld will fight.
Yon and Scod: If it's trouble they seek,
Gatesy: Make sure your costume's on tight.

Tripod: Change all your prop guns into real guns,
It may not be fun,
But it must be done.

Wish we had more time to train the seals and dolphins,
If we came from MarineWorld,
They'd be marines.

Gatesy: Yo, Grant! It's Bindy's brother Rocky - what's going on here? Somebody told me you knocked Bindy up. You get your damn SeaWorld hands off her, you hear? Now I'm gonna knock you down.
Scod: Wait! Rocky, are you in fact a trained boxer?
Gatesy: No, but is Mr. T?

Gatesy: I'm gonna rip you a new one,
Scod: Wait please, I did it for love.
Gatesy: I'm gonna give you the old "two-one",
Scod: Isn't it the old "one-two"?

Gatesy: Stop trying to confuse me with mathematics,
I wasn't trained as a scientist,
I was trained in dramatics.

Gatesy: Okay, put 'em up, Grant! And your fishy buddies.

(Sounds of a fight)

Scod: Oooh, that actually connected!

(More fighting)

Scod: Wait, wait, don't I get a crash mat?

(More fighting)

Scod: Hey, this is real, isn't it?

Gatesy: Fifty thousand eighteen-year-old girls in schoolies and you had to sleep with my sister.

Yon: He didn't sleep with me...
Gatesy: What?
Scod: What?
Gatesy: (Dolphin noises)
Scod: Shut up, Flipper!

Yon: It was someone from DreamWorld. He was so desperate, he wouldn't stop talking. He was like a bomb waiting to explode. So I was his bomb disposal expert.
Scod: Wait a minute... talked too much... he talks in circles... whenever he opens his mouth it drives you mental?
Yon: Yes, that's right. It's Saxon.

Gatesy: (Dolphin noises)

Tripod: We're off to kill Saxon,
And everyone's happy.
La la la la la la,
La la la la la la la!

We're all quite united,
In our hatred for Saxon.
La la la,
La la la la laaaa!

Gatesy: Oh, it's the guys from DreamWorld and SeaWorld! I just think that everyone in the house should be happy, you know, 'cause if they're happy, I'm happy, you know, when one person's unhappy in the house, it really brings the house down in the, in the happiness level, like, if someone's sad, it makes the house a lot sadder, and I just think that if we're all happy, that really affects my, sort of, experience in the house, and... could someone kill me please?

(Fighting noises)

Yon: Ha!

Scod: Now Saxon's blood is spilled,
All over DreamWorld.
Tripod: La la la la la la,
La la la la la la la!

Gatesy: In case we hadn't explained it,
This is a happy ending.
Tripod: La la la,
La la la la laaaa!

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