Finger on the button
Perspiration on the forehead
Splashing puddles on the keyboard
Jerking sideways, upwards, downwards
Spiders sing a tune, you do

You can't destroy the aliens
Can't destroy the aliens
It's painful when you're doing well
But we keep coming back

But still he tries as missiles fly
His lady keeps complaining
About the lack of conversation
Session's lasted for a day now
But he won't give up the fight

You gotta destroy those aliens
Gotta destroy the aliens
It's painful when he's doing well
But they keep coming back

Impatiently they brought him food
And forced it down his throat
'Till he was choking
Dribbled gravy, swiveled crazy
Spacey glimmer in his eyes
Likes to splatter all the aliens
Flatten all the aliens
It's painful when he's doing well
Yet still they creep on back
Creeping back for more

Still he won't give up
Though senators slap him on the back
And snap him with their instamatic
Automatic, jerkomatic
He's fanatical but ice cool
As he cannons down his aliens

Gotta destroy the aliens
It's painful when he's doing well
But still they keep on coming back

His score's just topped a million
He's killing them
A winner
Though he's getting so much thinner
And beginning to see stars
Starts to mutter
Eyelids flutter
On the point of passing out

You gotta destroy the aliens
Gotta destroy the aliens
It's painful when he's doing well
But still they keep on creeping back

The nation sighed
His mother cried
He just expired, still firing
Firing high and wide
He tried to beat them 'till the end

Tried to beat the aliens
Tried to beat the aliens
He failed, a failure
A failure

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Dying for the Emperor song meanings
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    General CommentThis is a lyric that only Edward could have written. Nobody else would write something like this :-) A story of a guy who plays a computer/video game, becomes so immersed in the game that he forgets to live, ignores everybody and everything and just keeps on destroying those electronic aliens, but they still keep on appearing and eventually he loses the game and actually loses his life – he dies of exhaustion. It’s scary and funny at the same time, like many Edward’s lyrics. And the bleeping electronic sounds imitate the music of early video games as closely as possible. Really nice...
    slow pulse boyon July 30, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSlow Pulse Boy has got this one. I would add that the line "We" keep coming back is interesting, because it makes it appear that Edward is putting himself in the category of one of those aliens that people keep trying to destroy. In this context, the song is not just about someone addicted to video games (and as early as this song was written it certainly has presaged things like World of Warcraft addicts) but the struggle for all those who are different to be accepted. Aliens (and Edward's status as one/amongst them) seem to be a recurring theme in Edward's lyrics.

    Compare also the lines "Now half of this cage is starving while the rest of us shoot stars and blast the eighteen headed Pacman from our armchairs in the bar. Zsa Zsa Korova scored a supernova! Zeros wall to wall..." from the song "Where No Man" from Chemical Playschool 9.
    Madpropheton December 23, 2008   Link

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