Your company rolled you over, Angela
The penguin ate it's fish
When you had your kids, you get to buy one get one free
And when you found their father, you know that you've got a limited warranty
A working woman's muse, you've got the single mother's blues
You're starting a new work week, and with the kids at home, it's going to result in a real lack of sleep
Take me down to where you pick up your check
I want to see the building that you used to work in
I want to watch you toss in your sleep
She said to me, "in my years of working, I've learned a few things
And it's that the fastest way to make money is to steal it, plus it is tax-free
You shouldn't place trust in your boss, and above all, fuck all loyalty
Because if it's your job or his, well then you're off to the pigs
What can I say except believe you me."
Words to live by
"And when I eat it's with my kids, and if I dance, it's when they're asleep
When I shop, it's not for me and neither is when I breathe."
Take me down to where you pick up your check
I want to see the building that you used to work in
I want to watch you toss in your sleep
I want to be there when your next chap walks out on you
Some ain't got no luck

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    General CommentI think this was dedicated to all the 'pram trash' (it's English slang), I think it's also saying they're rather short sighted because it's not the best of options to get up the duff without family and financial support although the government will support you.
    ICantUnderStandYouon January 20, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationAngela got fired or laid off. Not sure what "penguin ate it's fish" might mean, butt in the context of the first line, I guessing the company she worked for got greedy and had to lay her off.

    Pretty straight forward to me. I think this song encompasses about 3 themes. First is that being a single mother has the tendancy to kill any joy you would otherwise have in your kids. Second is that you have got to look out for yourself at your job because when push comes to shove, any loyalty you place to your company will not be reciprocated. And finally, I think "Angela's Secret" may be that she's now a slave to work and her kids, and is no longer her own. She works for them, eats with them, and breathes for them.

    When it says "I wanna be there when the next chap walks out on you..." I am picking up that either she has been a victim of several dire circumstances, or continually makes really poor choices in the men in her life.

    "Some ain't got no luck" could either be sarcasm or empathy. I can never tell with TAAS songs due to the mood of the music.
    trwoodburnon October 08, 2013   Link

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