Driving down the interstate
Running thirty minutes late
Singing Margaritaville and minding my own
Some foreign car drivin' dude with a road rage attitude
Pulled up beside me talking on his cell phone
He started yelling at me like I did something wrong
He flipped me the bird an' then he was gone

Some beach
There's a big umbrella casting shade over an empty chair
Palm trees are growing and warm breezes blowing
I picture myself right there
On some beach, somewhere

I circled the parking lot trying to find a spot
Just big enough I could park my old truck
A man with a big cigar was getting into his car
I stopped and I waited for him to back up
But from out of no where a Mercedes Benz
Came cruisin' up and whipped right in

Some beach
There's no where to go when you got all day to get there
There's cold margaritas and hot Senoritas smiling with long dark hair
On some beach

I sat in that waiting room
It seemed like all afternoon
The nurse finally said doc's ready for you
You're not gonna feel a thing we'll give you some Novocaine
That tooth will be fine in a minute or two
Then he stuck that needle down deep in my gum
And he started drilling before I was numb

Some beach
There's a beautiful sunset burning up the atmosphere
There's music and dancing and lovers romancing
In the salty evenin' air
On some beach
On some beach, somewhere

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"Some Beach" as written by Paul Overstreet Rory Lee Feek


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    General Comment:Even though this song annoys the hell out of me, I have to laugh every time he says "Some Beach" cause it sounds like a hillbilly mushing "Son of a bitch" together into a two-syllable word (sumbitch). And this would fit the nature of the song, as in each verse, somebody does something to piss him off. Nobody mentioned this, so I thought I would. :-P
    no_one_2000on May 04, 2005   Link
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    General Comment:this song is hilarious, sometimes you just need to get away to that beach and take a break from all the assholes around you
    whiskeygirl11on November 25, 2004   Link
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    General Comment:this is a great song..that we can all relate to. and its really easy to play on the guitar!
    dorkalerton December 24, 2004   Link
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    General Comment:^ no one, I thought the same thing! I thought it was just me who thought that haha, some people around here actually pronouce it like that. Very funny song =)
    xshesradon July 15, 2005   Link
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    General Comment:Just what no one 2000 said. When I heard it on the radio, I though that's actually how that verse went.

    Regardless, it's still a good song. Something near the top of my playlist when I'm not listening to grunge rock.
    Captain Cornflakeon January 12, 2006   Link
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    General Comment:I think that's what he was trying to accomplish by saying "some beach". It's not just a coincidence
    AdudeNamedSean14on January 02, 2007   Link
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    General Comment:Okay, so this song is very old, yes. But it was on the radio the other day and I was driving my 88 year old grandmother home and she started singing "Some bitch, some where" and pointed at me. I had to pull over I was laughing so hard.
    shelbocobb13on May 10, 2010   Link

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