Broken angel you sway helpless thru the desert wind as your enemies they come to pick your bones you're an anomaly so graced to be a lie you told in leisurely a passing fascination with obituary eyes so long to go before these alabaster hands ever let go meticulous in ritual you made a science of your pain where all your bleeding hearts and hungry minds divide along the way so in love with all you could not be forever doomed to wonder aimlessly never really knowing all the pain you're gonna find so long to go before these alabaster hands ever let go swayin' in the California haze in angel dust we all do blow away we bleed this love alive straight faced to suicide when do all these words mean anything? What good will come of you and me? just growin' old and none the wiser fall apart and then your time to fall again get up again and on and on wasted breath in blackened lung and shortness of belief exercise your demons when you dream the secrets that you keep inside are all you've ever known pay to ride and fuck to die reinvent another you but that never stops that march right off the cliff in a single file these angel wings could never take the weight of the fall a question lost time a tasteless joke a secret smile to fall apart an' get up again and on again

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    General CommentI have 2 theories on this song...
    1)It could be about a drug addiction. "angeldust" being cocaine. Bleeding his love for cocaine until he almost dies.
    2)It's nothing more than a silent prayer to someone or something that was cherished but is no more. "angel wings could never take the weight of a fall"

    A strong melodic song in all cases. :)
    BlueFusion6851on May 15, 2007   Link
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    General Commentangeldust is slang for pcp not cocaine
    kikujiroon May 26, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThanks for the correction. This is still an amazing song though.
    BlueFusion6851on May 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentWell, this song is actually a little bit more complex. It has a double meaning. Yeah, the pcp trip makes sense, it's obviously about someone addicted: the alabaster hands are the hands of someone who's been using drug for a long time, so the veins are protruding and they look like alabaster. But still he's like an angel, someone different than normal people, someone who wants to fly higher. Because of his difference he's "an anomaly" so he can't fit in the everyday life and angeldust is a way to fly higher. Nevertheless the wings can't take the weight of the fall, he doesn't know "all the pain he's gonna find" in life, even after these trips, where his interior world gets clearer. In the end it's a metaphor played beetwen the image of an angel as a different being, and the angeldust, the drug.
    darkpunkguyon November 23, 2007   Link

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