"The Big Game is Every Night" as written by and Jason Molina....
It'll get so quiet when this record ends
You can hear the first hour of the world
You can hear the willow branches touch the wave
Write our names beside our Darlings' heart
Write our names besides no one's heart
Rise moon on the shores of the seas
Shine on the distance between me and the last thing I see

Let it be me helping
Let it be me honestly
Let it be me working

On being a better me
Rise moon on the shores of the seas
Shine on the distance between me and the last thing I see
Now light the field for the big game tonight
Mark twain to Thomas Jefferson strike
Luke the Drifter to Zimmerman line drive
(to keep the team alive)
Unitas to Berry scarry
Everything against you sweetness
You bring the first down again
See it's ones like this you can always trust
Not to disappoint us

Moon shine that white lightning light
Down on the Possums' stage tonight
Maybe on the Man in Black
You could hold a little something back
Let his eyes adjust to the light
Rise Moon Rise above me
Show an American if really I am the snake they're all saying
If they look up here do they see just my black tail swaying?
If I'm all fangs and all lies and all poison
If I'm really what they're saying
I don't want to disappoint them

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"The Big Game Is Every Night" as written by Jason Molina


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The Big Game is Every Night song meanings
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    What an amazing song. The big game is a metaphor for rock and roll, the battle against depression, the battle to survive. The players are the writers , performers, and characters who perfectly expressed this struggle 'to be me working, to be me helping, to be me honestly . . '

    The first verse gives a sense of incredible silence and distance, a beautiful haunting sense of dislocation with which to view the great metaphor.

    Mark Twain and Thomas Jefferson ground the American literary tradition - both also were strong on not sugar-coating the truth in their own way. Luke the Drifter was Hank Williams' spiritual alias, and Zımmerman is, of course, Dylan. That's the American songwriting tradition. Johnny Unitas was a famous quarterback (the game apparently has the same rules and play as US football), I forget for which team. Berry is probably Chuck Berry, but there might also be a famous athlete by that name. All heroes who 'brought the first down again', or proved the power of their words and actions to uplift the human spirit against the darkness.

    I'm not sure which Possums he's referring to - maybe a team, or maybe those who sleep and hide from the light? The line about the Man in Black seems to ask for mercy for the (recently departed, when this was recorded) Johnny Cash, to let him 'adjust his eyes to the light'.

    The end is beautiful, but odd. 'I wouldn't want to disappoint them' seems to suggest that he's doing something evil and snake-like. But I think its clear which side of the big game Jason is on, and that the other team is Death.

    Unfortunately for all of us, Death beat Jason one night in 2013. But he helped us win all the others - and still does. Every night.
    nathan1149on May 28, 2018   Link

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