"(Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon" as written by and Earl Hicks Patterson Hood....
Way you look at me like that, something's got to give pretty soon
Throw it on a camel's back, something's got to give pretty soon
Living hard to chase the dream, way beyond our ways and means
Yours don't mean a goddamn thing.
That's what you said, but, don't believe it.

That shattered look upon your face, something's got to give pretty soon.
Swallow, but can't stand the taste, bark at the wind, chase the moon
Living fast and drinking lots. List of things we haven't got.
Tired of life with the have-nots
That's what you said and I believe it.

Maybe what you need's for someone to send you flowers
Someone strong and mean who can prove he has the power to
Show you more than charm and take you on your way
To where you want to be at the end of the day
And it breaks my heart in two to know it ain't meant to be
But, it ain't me,
It ain't me.

And you say it's these things I do, about me that's attracted you
So if I started doing something else, what would we have left.
And you say you just want compromise, then act so different all the time.
These reasons why you said goodbye, just another way of telling lies.

Something's got to give, got to give pretty soon
Or else we're gonna lose the very things that made it bloom
Sitting in silence in a cold and lonely room
While the world goes on around us

Something's got to give, got to give pretty soon
Or else we're gonna hate each other
And that would be the saddest thing I ever seen.

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"(Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon" as written by Patterson Hood


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    General CommentTo me (on the surface) it sounds like a girl is pissed off (or disappointed) b/c a guy can't love her (or lavish her?) like she wants him to (at the beginning of the song anyway). They can't afford all the "dreams" she has and she's tired of being one of the "have-nots". So he says she needs to find a man with money and power so he can get her what she wants. He knows he is not that guy. He's worried she doesn't love him for who he is, but rather only for how he acts towards her and/or treats her (adoringly) so when/if he ever doesn't do that one day she'd leave him anyway. Guess she did leave him (or they're on a break) and she told him it was for other reasons than what he believes. If they don't talk and leave it as it is (both festering alone in silence) then they'll end up hating each other which would be sad b/c they obviously had something there to begin with before all the b.s.
    deepthink13on August 13, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI don't see it like that. to me the song is about people whose lives aren't what they thought they would be. The guy is chasing his dreams and they are barely making it. she says her dreams don't matter, but he knows better. she looks at him and he can see it in the look on her face. there are aot of hard descisions that they have to make, but they keep moving on.
    He knows that she deserves better and he regrets that he isn't the one that can give her what he thinks she deserves.
    He wonders if the relationship is strong enough to last through the hardships. once all the things that attracted her to him wear away. they fight alot and he thinks that she makes up excuses to get out of the house.
    if they don't started doing things differently, they will lose the relationship, which would be terrible.
    Vendion March 16, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionI heard this song was about divorce... so I guess they do split up.
    MarkCox11on October 03, 2012   Link

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