"Sounds Better In the Song" as written by and Earl Hicks Patterson Hood....
When I saw her standing there, with her bright eyes and shining hair
She was looking back at me
Some are meant to sing, some are meant to talk and some aren't meant to say a thing
But when she opened up her mouth and that sweet voice came out
I lost track of my own name

[ Chorus ]
Now she's found herself, and I lost mine
And I'm just another guy who can't give her anything

Well the drifter,
He holds on to his youth just like it was money in the bank
And Lord knows, I can't change
Sounds better in the song
Than it does with hell to pay

I might as well of slipped that ring on your finger from a window of a van
As it drove away

[ Chorus ]

Dreams are given to you when you're young enough to dream them
Before they can do you any harm
They don't start to hurt, until you try to hold on to them after seeing what they really are
She used to dream them with me, every single crazy one
Until they started hurting her too, now she's got some of her own
And outgrowing me, might be the best thing for her she's ever done

A light that shines as bright as hers can't be kept in the shadows for too long
A heart that wants to live and a soul that wants to give
Can't just sit at home alone
Lord, she's give me everything and never wanted anything I couldn't give
Just what was inside of me

[ Chorus ]

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"Sounds Better in the Song" as written by John Michael Cooley


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    General CommentMan, I wish there were more DBT fans around here, because I can't believe nobody's commented on this one yet. I think it's one of the best songs on the "Decoration Day" album.

    I guess it's a fairly simple song. This is about a guy who's a singer or in a band who at one time thought he was going places. He found this girl who he apparently at one time was good enough for, but after years of leaving her behind to chase his dreams on the road ("I might as well have slipped that ring on her finger from the window of a van as it drove away"), he's now no better than the many guys who wanted to be with her but could never offer her anything. She stuck beside him and waited for his dreams to work out for him, but put her dreams aside in the process. Now that she sees he's not willing to do the same for her, after she's wasted all these years on him, she's gone. He realizes he was wrong for it and knows he can't ever make it right.
    Muck Manon June 16, 2007   Link
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    General CommentPeople change, which changes the dynamics of relationships. Both the boy and the girl used to be on the same plane- dreamers not ready to grow up. He was the more dominant force in the relationship and she pretty much adored him and went along with all of his dreams, but now she has matured and found her own voice while he is still the same dreamer/drifter he always was. So now she is leaving him behind to pursue her life. He still loves her and recognizes it is better for her to move on since he is still holding on to his youth and would just hold her back.

    Just a beautiful song, probably my favorite by DBT.
    shockmon August 18, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI agree, this song is absolutely beautiful and the slide guitar just brings it home.

    I think it paints a perfect picture of a young relationship that a lot of people can relate to. The girl naively falls for the guy and follows him and his dead end dreams while neglecting herself. As she grows, she realizes that she has opinions and dreams of her own. She finds herself and leaves the guy with the realization that he screwed it up and took her for granted.
    musicfrkon July 31, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is an amazing song. It's my favorite from Decoration Day.
    unluckyLUNEon December 14, 2010   Link

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