"Tracy's Flaw" as written by and Len Arran Deborah Ann Dyer....
And when I feel like I'm a victim, I will come running home to you,
And I will weep like I will change, when I come running home to you
I make you believe that I'm a changed girl, that I'm honest good and pure,
Then I'll drag you through my shit again, 'cause I know you'll love me more
I love how your world adores my gutter mind, this reflection says it all,
So how I will let you go my baby, let you fall
And when I feel like I'm a victim, I will come running home to you,
And I will weep like I will change, when I come running home to you
And all of your rosy scanned up wrist bands, make me crucify you more
With all of your blood, encrusted small finds,
Kiss restraint and it's just cause so see the survivor in control now,
I'm the whore you knew I was, look at the changed girl good & pure, on Tracy's floor I'll come running, I'll come running I'll running right back to you [Repeat: x2]

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"Tracy's Flaw" as written by Len Arran Deborah Ann Dyer


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    General CommentThe first verse is simple: whenever she feels down (or sorry for herself) she'll come running to him/her and she'll tell that person lies; tells em she's changed, but she's not. And they both know she's lying, but don't really care. She'll use em and ditch em again.

    Now the second verse is more complicated... and I don't really get it. So if there's anyone, plz help! Thanks.

    Love this song by the way. It's my favorite Skunk song!
    FeyTHon October 11, 2004   Link
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    General Commentit seems quite clear that skin is the Tracy character, her flaw is that she will exploit those who love her purely because she knows that they will be around to pick up the pieces when she falls. Although it seems to be a lover that is being addressed throughout the song i think there is also a feeling that she is addressing a mother figure.

    If you look at other skunk anansie songs such as 'selling jesus' and '100 waysto be a good girl' There is eveidence of rebellion against a strict religious up bringing. I think that there is this feeling that she has failed because the standards that the person set for her were impossible to maintain. There is a definate bitterness relating to the pressure that was put upon her to be 'a good girl' and a feeling that she is expressing all of her indiscresstions before they are used sgainst her in a messianic salvation gesture that is always accompanied by a reminder of just how much of a bad girl she has been.
    jackflashjesson December 28, 2007   Link
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    General CommentThe second verse to me sounds like the runner starts fighting back - the rosy wrist bands could be bruises from restraining them, and the blood line - encrusted small finds, maybe the blood is like a trophy, or payback or something. I'm not sure, that's my guess at those two lines.
    quarter_past_threeon January 11, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI have been listening to this song for years and I really think the part about the scarred up wristbands,is supposed to mean scars leftover from suicide attempts. Like you are sad and upset in life, and I am going to abuse you even further because you have a low esteem and will take it and still love me.
    meecepeeceon December 23, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationThe 2nd verse is using the crucifixion of Jesus as a metaphor. "Makes me crucify you more": she sees the blood and kisses the restraints, suggesting that she feeds off the suffering she is causing. Jesus is used to symbolize that the other person is recognized as a good person, willing to forgive and dying for the sins of the person exploiting her.
    guaranteedlyricson July 10, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIt is clear and not that complicated. She is a messed up druggie/loser who does not love this man but knows that he is a soft touch and will take her back. The bruised wrists is symbolic as to the fact that she has him tied down. The vocals always lead the song as opposed to the backing music, she gets angry but only at herself because she knows that she is a teeribke piece of shit
    neil100848on January 20, 2018   Link

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