"Scared" as written by and John Lennon....
I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared
I'm scared, so scared
I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared
As the years roll away
And the price that I paid
And the straws slips away

You don't have to suffer
It is what it is
No bell book or candle
Can get you out of this, oh no!

I'm scarred, I'm scarred, I'm scarred
I'm scarred, uh huh
I'm scarred, I'm scarred, I'm scarred
Every day of my life
I just manage to survive
I just want to stay alive

You don't have to worry
In heaven or hell
Just dance to the music
You do it so well, well, well!

Hatred and jealousy, gonna be the death of me
I guess I knew it right from the start
Sing out about love and peace
Don't want to see the red raw meat
The green eyed goddamn straight from your heart

I'm tired, I'm tired, I'm tired
Of being so alone
No place to call my own
Like a rollin' stone

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"Scared" as written by John Lennon

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    General Comment"I'm scared, so scared, as the years roll away and the price that I paid, and the straws slip away" I Think he's pointing out that the world is a scary place (corruption, greed, lust, murder, etc.) and it seems no matter how hard we work we can't get ahead and as we get older it seems that our options become fewer and fewer, the world seems to chew people up and spit them out; and there is always war, war, war. (watch the videos "Money Masters" and "Zeitgeist Addendum")

    "You don't have to suffer, it is what it is" We need to do something about it, we don't have to take it!!! As individuals or collectively we the people we need to stand up and hold our politicians accountable. "no bell, book or candle can get you out of this" You won't be saved by the bell, you may be able to temporarily escape by reading a book or going to a movie, etc., no ones going to light the way, we will still have to face reality; its up to us each one of us. "Oh no" Thats what you say if we don't step up and make it right and the shit continues to hit the fan.

    "I'm scarred, I'm scarred, everyday of my life I just manage to survive, I just want to stay alive" As we struggle through our lives we continually get scarred, a divorce, the loss of a loved one, the scars of being an economic slave and trying to meet the demands of the system. We struggle to survive, but we don't want to just survive we want to feel alive, that feeling you had when you were young (Remember) before you grew up and became an economic slave. (Again, I urge you to watch the videos "Money Masters and "Zeitgeist Addendum")

    "You don't have to worry, in heaven or hell, just dance to the music you do it so well" Don't worry, whether you think your doing great or just scraping by, keep being an economic slave a puppet on strings, you've been doing it so well, all your life so far. I believe this a a sarcastic verse intended to say "wake up"

    I think the last two verses are more personal, His "Hatred" for the system and how it steals wealth from the working class(and thats what makes John Lennon a Working Class Hero, he fought for us) and his jealousy if not kept under control could be fatal. Remember the F.B.I. was following John and kept a file on him because of his fight for the common people against the war and against the system, also the stress and personal sacrifice he made on our behalf; And jealousy could lead to a divorce and a broken heart which many of us know can make you wish you were dead.

    The last verse says to me he's getting tired of the fight and sometimes he feels he's all alone in the fight against the system and the war, even though he wasn't alone in this fight, sometimes it can feel like your alone especially when the F.B.I starts watching your every move; And at that point in his life he traveled all over fighting for us against the war and the system, he truly was "like a rolling stone" no place to call home.

    stpittsson October 03, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThese are the wrong lyrics! These are the lyrics to "Remember," not "Scared"!
    revolver314on July 09, 2015   Link
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    General CommentI always loved the eerie, Halloween vibe of this song..I could see it in American Werewolf in London, or something. But, when I really look into the lyrics, the tone seems like more of an internal struggle within a human being, rather than a supernatural haunt...the lyrics are paranoid, and intentionally contradictory. In the verses, he is proclaiming his fears and sorrows..from being scared, to scarred, to just plain tired of it all...Then, when he gets to the refrain, the lyrics suggest that he is telling somebody (possibly himself) that a somewhat tragic fate is inevitable, so why fight it?

    Even though the surrounding lyrics and instrumentals are so dark and brooding, he sings "just dance to the music.." Maybe he is throwing in the towel, and choosing to approach the destructive forces of his life with pure, unadulterated denial, naivety, and/or submissiveness.

    During the bridge, he seems to delve into even MORE personal matters..We all know that Lennon spoke out against the war in Vietnam, and his lyrics in the bridge refer to this fact: "Sing out about love and peace"..almost as if to say "Where the hell has this sh*t gotten me?" When he mentions "hatred and jealously"- not once, but twice ("red raw meat", and "green-eye" are the metaphors he uses to describe these feelings the 2nd time around)- is he speaking of those people who are envious of HIM, due to his unbelievable success and living legend status? Or is he confessing his OWN feelings of resentment towards others, and the fact that his own plagued thoughts and beliefs will ultimately lead to his own demise? This could definitely be interpreted both ways.

    Gotta love lyrics that seem rather straightforward, but turn out to be ambiguous head-scratchers.
    GinaMarzon September 15, 2006   Link
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    General CommentWow, GinaMarz! Your interpretation has certainly given me a lot to think about, so thank you for that!

    I don't have much to offer, just this - When he says "just dance to the music, you do it so well", I always picture people dancing on puppet strings, controlled by some unseen force. Maybe he was saying something along those lines -- dance to the music, you do it so well = you submit your will so easily, so go ahead and do it. I don't really like that meaning, but then this song is so negative on the whole...it's hard to listen to it sometimes.
    losethatgirlon April 23, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationProof that Lennon sold his soul to the devil for success. It probably happened sometime around 1958-1959 when John was becoming frustrated with how the band was stagnating and not getting anywhere. Too many things happened coincidentally, i.e., Brian Epstein, George Martin, successful self-written songs in an era when songs were written by corporations, for it to be any other way.

    And Beelzebub took it some six years after this song came out.
    dorkbrainardon July 18, 2017   Link

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