Bad milk comes in your mouth
Bad milk burns on your tongue
Makes you afraid
Bad milk runs in your gorge
Bad milk - now you are here
Now it's too late

Welcome to life

Bad words crash in your ears
Bad words - down in the womb
You couldn't hide
Bad words smashing your soul
Bad words - could you get back
Back to the night

Welcome to life

Bad blood flushing your veins
Bad blood - up to your head
Down to your heart
Bad blood crushing your dreams
Bad blood eats you all up
Tears you apart

Welcome to life

You should be thankful!

Fuck it!

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Suck-Taste-Spit song meanings
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    General Commentorigionally someone told me this song was about a blowjobs, lol - since I'd only heard the song once I decided it seemed pretty accurate..
    now having listened to it properly I think its about the shit you have to take in life *bad milk* and just having to put up with it / or at least stand up for yourself (not just letting it overwelm you)...
    I think the song covers three levels the milk been the general crap you have to face, the words as in what people say to you / or say about you (or even what you say about other people and feel bad about)... and the bad blood been feelings of overwhelming agression towards something or someone.
    the suck / taste / spit part I believe is saying - suck it up / taste and learn from your experiencing / and spit them out becoming stronger from has happened to you. Welcome to life been that this is going to happen again and again over the course of life and is a normal part of it.

    also this song is just damn amazing :D, Fuck It!..
    Pacey2008on January 05, 2008   Link
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    General CommentI think it's definitely meaning a blow job, but also "suck it up" in the more general sense. This sucks, it's awful, you hate it, but too bad--this is life and you have to deal with it.
    ilovespikyhairon September 16, 2009   Link

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