"Gilded Cunt" as written by Daniel Lloyd Davey, Paul James Allender, Adrian Paul Erlandsson, Martin F. Powell and David John Pybus....
Your misery is worn as a veil
To hide bewitchment of the ugliest kind
In place of eve a bitter parody hails
Daggers from the swagger
Of a sodomite's concubine
Bine (Bine)

Gilded cunt
Oh, you gilded cunt

Your thin pretence overstretched and sickly
Feigns love and light a long time laid in the grave
My preference leans to killing you quickly
Scissored in the gizzard
That a heart no more maintains

But I am tied
To the labyrinth and the beast
The one-way track of eyes
Black and grey like panzers

Loose your shell
Shoot the mouth
The gates of hell
Have often dropped their jaws about
Satan's agents were perversion to bear
Side to side with their diversions
You use to guide my fingers there

Dirty little gold digger
Dirty little gold digger
Dirty little gold digger
Dirty little gold digger
Dirty little gold digger
Dirty little gold digger

Cunt (Cunt)
Gilded cunt
Oh, you gilded cunt

Nothing is above you save a boreal light
That halo paid for by a consummated ring of ice
And below you, will I see you tonight
Glower from your tower
Built of ivory and spite?

For I am torn
Between the sheets that keep me borne
And the teeth of a storm
They reap then rape my stanzas

Click your heels
Three times six
The stars are fixed
May I climb and get you one?
The palace at Versailles never held your tongue
Nor did heaven ever weather
The crosses that you came upon

Dirty little soul frigger
Dirty little soul frigger
Dirty little soul frigger
Dirty little soul frigger
Dirty little soul frigger
Dirty little soul frigger

Cunt (Cunt)
Gilded cunt
Oh, you gilded cunt

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"Gilded Cunt" as written by Daniel Lloyd Davey Adrian Paul Erlandsson

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Gilded Cunt song meanings
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    General CommentI think cunt is an angry word...I like the word "fuck" better, cuz you can say the "F" word and it doesnt neccessarily have to sound angry...but have you ever heard "cunt" said (or said it yourself) without it sounding angry? Oh yeah, this is songmeanings...uhhh dunno what the song means, but Cradle kicks ass! Wooo! I'm gonna go over there now *wanders off*
    Vampire6560on January 24, 2005   Link
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    General Commentsodimite isnt a homosexual...sodomy is sex acts...a sodimites one who puts sex acts into practice...ok heres what I personally think it means-----

    OK first off, gilded cunt- gilded means like covered to look better...and a cunt is..in this usage- a very insulting name for a female.

    SO i think its about a girl, a gold digger, who looks good n seems all perfect, but really shes a selfish heartless bitch, just out to get what she wants, and uses her body to do it. like a gold-digger/whore in disguise.

    Daggers from the swagger
    Of the sodomite's concubine.

    daggers(not litteral) kinda like saying you were backstabbed. a swagger is like one of them bitches that act like they r king shit, sodomites concubine. sodomy=sex. concubine is like a girl that has sex with a guy, but isnt like married...or in this case 'commited' to the man. So basically dani (or the guy hes talking about) is giving into this girl, fuckin around with her, but keeps gettin daggers. (not litterally) ...its like sayin he keeps gettin burned.

    Your thin pretense overstretched and sickly,
    Feigns love and light a long time laid in the grave.
    My preference leans to killing you quickly,
    Scissored in the gizzard
    That a heart no more maintains.

    OK here- dani ( or the guy hes talkin about thats fuckin around with this girl, were just going to say its dani from now on..) ok so here^ dani is just not catching on to her... pretense is overstretched.. pretense is to act, normally to decieve someone.. and its overstretched... if u get a balloon, you cant see through it, but blow it up, it gets stretched out... you can see through it... so hes now catching on to her ways.. ''feigns of love and light'' shes faking love...but it lays in the grave.. because He knows it isnt true.. ""my preference leans into killing you quickly, scissors in the gizzard of a heart no more maintains"" dani knows shes heartless at this point...he wants to kill her, for the pain and hurt shes caused him, by deceiving him.... ok got it so far? next...

    But I am tied
    To the labryinth of the Beast
    The one way track of eyes
    Black and grey like panzers.
    ~~here hes saying he is tied, because hes lusting for her...he wants the sex...the beast(satan) tempts us with sex...dani is tempted...the beast(satan) is the next line is ONE WAY TRACK OF EYES he only see's one thing..one thing on his mind..the lust.. (lust for you that dont know is simply a craving of something, ex. a guy wanted to fuk a girl..he doesnt love her, he lusts for her) black and grey like panzers .. again- like the saying ''you only see things in black and white'' --AKA a one track mind...lust.

    Loose your shell,
    Shoot the mouth,
    The gates of Hell
    Have often dropped their jaws about.
    Satan's agents are perversions to bear.
    Side to side with the diversions
    You use to guide my fingers there.
    ~~basically saying that he confronted her, or wanted to, or tried to...'break it off' with her..for lack of better words, but satans agents are perversions, the lust for that body.. and the next part ''Side to side with their deversions, you used to guide my fingers there'' can be two things.. either A: She destracted him from his flee of escaping the hold of lust she had on him...by a derversion- Her body. she would guide his fingers to her.. OR more litteral- B: Side to Side with the deversions... Opend up her legs..guided his fingers there... as a deversion, tokeep him under her controll. i know when a hot girl grabs my hand n guides it down between her legs...i aint goin NOWHERE..atleast not for 30-40 minutes ;-) ok ok ok- 1-2 minutes, and thats including tha after-sex ciggerette :-( lol OK but yeah anyway..

    NOw.--Nothing is above you save a boreal light.
    That halo paid for by a consumnated ring of ice.
    And below you, I will see you tonight.
    Glower from your tower,
    Built of ivory and spite.
    ~~~nothing is above her, she seems like shes every guys dream, she has everything...but her 'halo' was paid by a ''consummanting ring of ice''
    consummated was spelled wrong up there by the way, i think so cuz this spelling makes scence..cuz it means to close a deal...or like..achive something uv been trying to get.. so she got everything by consummanting a ''ring of ice'' which means..maybe marraige? HOWEVER, she just did it for the 'gold' not for the love...hence ring of ice...ice melts..she doesnt plan to be in this marrage forever..or even long.. ok-- and --- 'and below you i will see you tonight, glower from your tower built of ivery n spite'' WHICH i interpret as- shes going to be on top of him..sex..? hmm? makes sence... shes riding his d*ick, thats her tower...its built of ivory n spite, cuz he hates her, but he cant give her up. the sex. the lust. the evil. shes glowing down at him, cuz she never liked him, she just wants the good, and he knows that, but he cant give up the sex. shes has him hooked. good so far? oh it gets better...later he changes is aggression from her to someone else..mwhaha but we'll get to that. ANYWAY lets continue...next

    For I am torn,
    Between the sheets that keep me borne,
    And the teeth of a storm,
    That reap and rend my stanzas.
    ~~hes torn, between the sheets
    that keep him borne (borne forced to tolerate)
    aka hes tollerating what shes doing because of the sex AND FINALLY next

    Click your heels,
    Three times six,
    The stars are fixed,
    May I climb and get you one?
    The palace at Versailles never held your tongue,
    Nor did Heaven ever weather
    The crosses that you came upon.
    ~~~ this is the part i get confused, i studied it for about 2 hours, and i came up with so many hypothisis
    but lets try this... she pretends to be this super divine girl, has her halo n hes saying click your heels three times..(on wizard of ozz, the good witch gave dorathy the magic slippers..click heels 3 times..) 666 is the devils number , the stars are fixed, means the time is now- may i climb n get you one = is there anything i can do for you?? i need sex! the palace is known because a long time ago some treaty was signed to end the evil of war--- n hes saying it never held her tongue because she isnt stopping the evil she does to him... n heaven never helped him by earasing the ''good' he saw in her.. he thought the sex was a blessing , like she was sent by God with crosses..n when somethings weathered, its basically degrading-but the crosses were fake n heaven (GOD) never helped him to see the truth by taking away the fake crosses... so now hes mad at GOD for fukin up his soul. Soul frigger.

    ANYWAY thats my opinion, if theres anythin anyone wants to Add to it or take away from it, im all ears. Id like to hear anyone elses interpretations also, or comments on mine..so keep it posted!

    Im going to do other cradle songs too, but it will take a while...im only going to do the songs that rock.. only the good ones..only the ones i like... and it will take a while to do EVERY CRADLE SONG so bare with me :) MYSPACE-- /ilovemichellie aim-tripfallouch
    boopshoobooloopon July 23, 2007   Link
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    General Comment"Dirty little gold frigger!" - that line cracked me up.
    quiffpornon October 27, 2004   Link
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    General Comment"dirty little gold friggar" is supposed to be "dirty little soul figgar" whoever posted these lyrics cant understand the artist and shouldnt be trying. This song imo is based on the pope. He hides behind his golden crown looking perfect to hide the truth. The second paragraph is describing his appearence... hes old, its also saying that he gives a falses appearnce of love and light but will just rot in his grave like all others. He finishes by saying he would like to kill the pope and by the lyrics he is harming him. next part is about him staying away from relgions because he feels they are all false. The 3rd is stating that the pope is hiding and saying things that are making artist "drop his jaw" "You used to guide my fingers there" is saying that relgion has become corrupt and they are guiding the people in the wrong direction. Gold digger comment is saying how they are taking peoples money to make the leaders golden thrones and such. "Nothing is above you" That linked me to the pope considering everyone considers him the most holy living person. "glower from yuor tower" is saying that he sits up above like he is all holy and calls his people sinners and is living in disgust at them even though he himself is a liar. next part agian saying how hes keeping away from them. I made the connection "click your heels" to do with goverment, the catholics are fighting wars for god that dont seem needed. "the stars are fixed" I feel the author is saying that the positions in heaven are filled and the next line is saying would you like me to take one so you can have a spot in heaven. The palace of versailles is famous for kings having mistresses unknown to their queens. I think this is saying that hes saying that sex is a sin but hes not only allowing it but may have taken part in it as a youth. and the final lines "heaven ever weather the crosses that you came upon" is saying that god and his angels are hating the fact that they are all bearing the symbol of the cross... if you were jesus would you like to come back and see the thing that appearntly you were killed upon? didnt think so, the final line "stupid little soul friggar" is saying he is corrupting his people by leading them in the wrong direction. "gilded cunt" is just making a comment on how he is always wearing such nice garments and jewelry, taking peoples money for this. By just reading the lyrics a female comes to mind, if you look more in depth it makes sense that its about jesus, but if you think about how everything in the song connects with the pope then it seems to be obvious answer. Put your imput and what you think the song is about, im anxious to hear what you think.
    SithspawNon November 25, 2004   Link
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    General CommentThis song refers to a spoiled dominatrix. A conniving, devious reptile who lives the life of luxury at the expense of others.
    Beneath the glitter of her expensive jewelry, she is no more than the tendered mutton dressed up as a lamb.
    mrsdanifilth73on January 21, 2005   Link
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    General CommentHaha.
    xxxLadyLuckxxxon January 29, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthey wat gilded cunt mean?
    cradleoffilth41592on February 02, 2005   Link
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    General CommentSithspawN - well done...very good explanation *claps* I love this song...Cradle of Filth rock...YAY!!!!
    Worthless_Wisheson February 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentDid sithspawN ever think that, for all the reasons he mentioned, it was directed at god himself?
    "Glower from your tower,
    Built of ivory and spite."
    in Heaven torn asunder, dani says "invasions scale babels ivory towers". the tower of babel was meant to be a tower built up to god.
    erudite strangeron February 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentIts not written about god, he may have made a reference about it but its obvious its about the pope.
    SithspawNon February 05, 2005   Link

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