"Los" as written by Oliver Riedel, Doktor Christian Lorenz, Christoph Doom Schneider, Richard Z. Kruspe, Paul Landers and Till Lindemann....
Wir waren namenlos
Und ohne Lieder
Recht wortlos
Waren wir nie wieder
Etwas sanglos
Sind wir immer noch
Dafür nicht klanglos
Man hört uns doch
Nach einem Windstoß
Ging ein Sturm los
Einfach beispiellos
Es wurde Zeit

Sie waren sprachlos
So sehr schockiert
Und sehr ratlos
Was war passiert
Etwas fassungslos
Und garantiert
Das wird zensiert
Sie sagten grundlos
Schade um die Noten
So schamlos
Das gehört verboten
Es ist geistlos
Was sie da probieren
So geschmacklos
Wie sie musizieren
Ist es hoffnungslos
Sie sind gottlos

Wir waren namenlos
Wir haben einen Namen
Waren wortlos
Die Worte kamen
Etwas sanglos
Sind wir immer noch
Dafür nicht klanglos
Das hört man doch
Wir sind nicht fehlerlos
Nur etwas haltlos
Ihr werdet lautlos
Uns nie los

Wir waren los

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"Los" as written by Paul Landers Richard Z. Kruspe

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    General Commenti LOVE THE GUITAR ON THIS SONG. On some images of the wall in Berlín you can see some phrases that appear on this song´s lyrics
    Frauon February 04, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think it's about the band. The first part says:

    We were nameless
    and without songs
    We were never again
    really wordless
    Still we are
    a little songless [2]
    Yet we're not toneless
    You can hear us
    After a gust of wind
    began a storm
    Simply matchless
    It was time
    -less [3]

    The beginning could be referring to the band before they actually became a band, nameless meaning nobody had heard of them, and without songs (well, they weren't a band yet).
    Then they say that they weren't toneless and that we can hear them, meaning that they began singing and people could hear them a bit, perhaps referring to when they were in seperate bands and began to become famous.
    The gust of wind could be their joining into the band Rammstein, and the matchless, timeless storm could be talking about all of the attention they began to get.

    "They were speechless
    So totally shocked
    And totally powerless
    What happened
    Somewhat composureless [4]
    and surely
    understandingless [4]
    That will be censored
    They said groundless
    Too bad about the music
    So shameless
    That should be forbidden
    It's witless
    what they're trying there
    So tasteless
    how they're making music
    Is it hopeless
    They are godless [5]"

    People were shocked at how big they became. The part about being without understanding could be talking about people not understanding their music. The rest could be talking about criticism they got; shameless, tasteless, hopeless, senseless, and helpless would be referring to their music, and then "They are godless" referring to the band.
    I think that would be an good analysis of this part. People tell me that they sound satanic all the time just because they sing in low voices and in a language they don't understand, although we all know that those petty assumptions aren't true.

    "We were nameless
    We have a name
    We were wordless
    The words came
    Still we are
    a little songless
    Yet we're not toneless
    You do hear it
    We aren't flawless
    Just a bit anchorless
    You will become soundless
    You'll never get rid of us"

    This is saying that they got names, meaning that they had become famous, they weren't able to say anythin before but now they could, the parts about being a little songless, not flawless, and a bit anchorless meaning that they aren't the best. I think that "You will become soundless, you'll never get rid of us" could mean that they're going to keep becoming more famous until they're the best.
    I think the final line should be translated as "We were off," possibly meaning that they're going to get to work with their music and not waste any more time than they have to.
    Sargtlinon May 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentTranslations copied from herzeleid.com, btw... Thus the little boxed numbers throughout the translation.
    Sargtlinon May 14, 2006   Link
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    General CommentGreat interpretation, Sargtlin!
    Actually, when you first listen to the song, it just sounds like some random words ending in "-los", but actually, the lyrics are genius!
    I also like the acoustic guitar on this song.
    oagersnapon December 16, 2006   Link
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    General CommentI think they play with the words, that's typical for rammstein. "Los" in combination with another word means "less" like in "hopeless" or in "senseless". But also "los" means something like "let's go"
    I most like the part where Till says "We are God.....less" or maybe "We are God....let's go!"
    It's an awesome song!
    sweden-fanon March 23, 2008   Link

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