Who needs mirrors to find out who they really are
When you can read it in the black and white pages of magazines?
And you can dial hotlines to guess who your new lover will be...
Is that everything you need?
Are you a paper bag floating in between
billboards and painted skies staring at sky scraper headlines through blooshot eyes?
You've got that house you thought you should build Paid for by the job you hate.
Which your father said that you should get
"Stop wasting away here I've got big plans for you kid"
In a few years time you'll retire and you will admire all of the grass growth
But pretty soon you can't afford the bills
The walls are closing in on you and you will just float on but you say...

"I don't need to smile when somebody can do it better than me - that's your dream"

I can follow you over bridges and turning wheels
I can place my stake in the all amrican dream
Maybe when i get a litle older
and get a little wiser I can write this out for you
And you can hang it on the walls next to the photos of the people that you love but will never meet -
but i can mold myself into anything

I'm mr new york - that's my dream
I'm mr indestructable
I am that light outside your window when your trying to get to sleep
I am that memory that you shut out but can't defeat because I've got everything I need

So you can keep your towers but I'm gonna keep writing my poetry
Which no-one reads and no-one seems to bother me when I'm at home alone anymore
Pretty soon i'll be the kid in every magazine
without trying by grinding myself to the bone
Then you'll all apear out of the walls and out of the pavements and say
"I saw him once walking alone"
Soon i'll fade from your memories and you'll go back to your t.v screens and burn yourselves away

But I say "I'm Mrs American
I'm the books you read and I'm the out of beat
song that you never could dance to
I'm that girl you kissed, the second chance you missed but have never forgotten
I was in the car you drove...outside with the radio when you were singing and thought nobody could here you
I'm the star you almost hit, I really think you are losing it, I really think that your losing it, so I'm gonna be a part of this"

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