I know ya’ll heard the name,
And if you haven’t, its pitbull once again,
Aint shit changed,
My purpose is the still the same,
Which is to purposely kill the game,
I’ma set ya’ll free,
It took Eminem 8, but it takes us 90 miles to reach the keys, in order to be free,
Subtract 8 from 90, which equals 82,
Take 2 from that which equals when them Cubans came through,
Touched down and made they present felt,
Pitbull ima make my present felt,
I don’t got time to mention names,
Especially some one who named themselves after the same chain that got robbed from me,
Come through with 24 ks and drop you faster than Atlantic dropped 24k,
Ima hustler, I switch hustles every hour, so every day I hustle 24 ways,
You’re like H I V, I’m like full blown AIDS,
And yes this foo’s from Gator,
I’m from where all the Cubans stay,
Act like pussy and like pussy get laid,
Fact! Oops did I say that?
Yes I did, pitts the new kid,

Chorus: (2x)
I’m bittin em, locken em now,
I’m runnin through, ain’t no blockin me now,
I stay strong, ain’t no knockin me down,
Ya’ll started, ain’t no stoppen me now,

Even though you got your face slashed, I’m rap scar face,
And like rap scar face, I’m the last of a dyin breed,
I’m a animal and BIG wrote me a manual,
On how to flip six digits annual,
I got nothing to lose but on the other hand,
You lost everything, that’s what drinkin all that henney brings,
Pitbulls down for anything,
More money more problems,
More power more cowards,
Or more flowers-- for the dead,
Cause its over,
Maybe you’ll realize when you’re sober,
That Pitt’s moved up to a general from just a soldier,
Now we can do this on or off the books,
I hope your mob rolls deep cause I know you shook,
I used to look up to ya,
Now look down on ya,
I mean damn homie, before Pun died you were the man homie,
You were next up to bat but you struck out,
Now you outta luck cause Pitt’s been waitin in the dug out to slug out,
Now its my turn to step to the plate,
Spittin banana clips at any monkey ass nigga that thinks he’s an ape,

(Chorus x2)

(Spanish rap)

Cube will drop the bomb but I got the (????)
You talk a good game but you don’t do shit,
It’s been three years and still no new shit,
I bought the lac, grey mac, (bbblac)
While I was workin hard, you had it on a silver platter brat,
You scar face 2?
Why telling lies to me, but most important, why you telling lies to you,

(Chorus x2)

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Weakest Link (Cuban Link Diss) song meanings
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