"Cut Up Angels" as written by and Robert C./steineckert Mccracken....
If we cut out the bad
Well then we'd have nothing left
Like I cut up your mouth
The night I stuffed it all in
And you lied to the angels
Said I stabbed you to death
If we go at the same time
They'll clean up the mess

I lost my head
You couldn't come
This loss to my brain almost feels like a gun

Watched you bite into the bottle
Watched me kick out the chair
Let you chew up the glass
And laughed at you just hung there
I have thought of rose petals mostly perfect and pure
Then I thought of your petals
And the abuse they've been through

I lost my head
You couldn't come
This loss to my brain almost feels like a gun
You lost your head
I couldn't come
This loss to my brain almost feels like a gun
Whoa whoa

I told the angels
Can't stay in heaven
I asked the devil
If we cut out the bad well then we'd have nothing left
Like I cut up your angels
Yeah you stabbed me to death

I lost my head
You couldn't come
This loss to my brain almost feels like a gun
You lost your head
I couldn't come
This loss to my brain almost feels just like a gun

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"Cut Up Angels" as written by Jeph Howard Quinn Allman

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    General CommentI'll check these lyrics more carefully later, even though it's clearly "lust to my brain" each time. (This includes the backwards part at the beginning)

    Of the three ideas currently on the table about the theme of this song (sin --> repent / sex / suicide), I don't see how there's any contest: suicide creates the most sweeping consistancy with the lyrics.

    They'll clean up the mess
    Bite into the bottle/chew up the glass
    Kick out the chair/hung there
    The abuse (you've) been through

    I think much of what turns people off about The Used -- yes, aside from Bert's less-than-palatable screaming, which I rather quite enjoy -- is the poetic, seemingly nonsensicle lyrics. Some people need to understand EVERYTHING a song is trying to say. I don't really give a rat's ass sometimes: if the music moves me to tears or to moshing, I could give a shit less what the singer says, as long as he says it EFFECTIVELY.

    "Well, you're never gonna find it, if you're looking for, it won't come your way": ungrammatical.
    "Dined and dashed, the pianist peddled into morning": meaningless.
    So what? The songs evoke feeling that I cannot deny and will not ignore just because of the freaking words, y'know?
    LyricalAvengeron December 24, 2004   Link
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    General CommentOk has enyone thought The Used Cut up angels--} Mcr You Know What They Do To guys Like Us In Prison. Get my idea? Maby I'm crazy and somehow don't belive that they did it on purpose but this songs sound good one after the other.... Did enyone else get this idea?
    Hide From The Sunon May 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentMan this song is real gritty! And I don't mean the guitar effects, I mean the lyrics. I love it!

    Sounds like two people who have been very abused in life. That they say if they would ever remove all the bad inside of them that there wouldn't be much left to salvage.

    I think some of this song has this message:
    People need to learn to accept their darkness (negativity) if they are ever to progress to purity in life. You must accept your sin before you remove it.

    And this relationship seems so volatile. That they are both just bad so therefore together they are just violent. Like two storms coming together.

    This is my fav part:

    "And you lied to the angels
    Said I stabbed you to death
    If we go out the same time
    Then they'll clean up the mess"

    That's just so awesome! That if one person goes down the other has to clean it up. But together they go down, they leave it for the angels.
    chino69on October 01, 2004   Link
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    General Commentok i definitley just sat a read through every post on this song, and here is what i think...

    sex is unavoidable. its there, guys. deal. but the song isn't about sex, they use it as a metaphor...

    ...for suicide. they have a depressed, violent relationship. they are abused (the girl particularly), and hey, the sex isn't that great.

    when i hear it, i see them in a garage, she is standing on the chair with a noose around her neck, and he is next to her holding a gun. then i think he kicks out the chair for her (cause he says that y'know), so that she'll have a chance at heaven (you cant get in if you commit suicide, so if he did it for her...) and then he kills himself...

    they lie to the angels about what happened... but she still cant get in.... so he tells them bump that, im going to hell to be with, well, we might as well call her Kate.

    here's something else i thought of...

    "i told the angels cant stay in heaven
    i told the devil, the devil, the devil...." told him what?
    perhaps he told him "if we cut out the bad..." cause he realizes this is all messed up and he wants away from the devil. just a random thought that i liked...

    sorry if this doesn't make sense... just jotting down some thoughts... if you feel like going way back to the first page, chino69 had a great interpretation...

    and i know someone already said this, but PLEASE- its "petals" not "pedals"...
    *ghost in the snow*on February 22, 2008   Link
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    General Commentremindes me of sex. but bad sex. like it sucked and he blamed her.
    happyfacedloseron July 09, 2009   Link
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    General CommentIt's funny when people get so mad over different interpretations of the lyrics. But I won't digress into that discussion.

    There is much sadistic/masochistic imagery in the song. Whether it is literal or not... there are sexual overtones (This is an objective statement, as evidenced by "lust" being likened to a gun). Whether it's about lovers, or rape, or an abusive relationship... that's up to the listener of the song to decide. All we can know is what the writer has to say about the song in interviews and I'm not enough of a tryhard to go look for interviews about this song.

    From my interpretation... 1) the cutting of the mouth by stuffing it all in, refers to sticking the entire phallus into ones mouth causing damage to the integrity of the oral cavity. 2)Losing his head and being unable to make the partner "come" or "cum" meaning they are unable to reach their orgasm... which is often a problem for masochistic or sadistic people; unless there is pain involved. 3) The lust and desire for "kinkier" for a lack of better words becomes figuratively like a gun. The singer is implying that there then needs to be pain or destruction in order for the lust to be satisfied.
    Misericordiaon March 30, 2011   Link
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    General CommentTo say this song has no sexual meanings is silly.
    What Bert said about "a relationship with someone you love so much that you could absolutely kill them" and "Being a part of someone's life means you get to know everything you can't stand about that person" makes me relate it to 'loving someone so much you've ended up destroying [parts of] them.'
    The first few years I listened to it, I thought about committing suicide, but having gone back it sounds more like watching someone else do it/helping them. The petals part got me thinking about anatomy - the abuse of sex (and as another commenter said, rape) and passion all rolled into what essentially means to transform something beautiful into something awful.
    Maybe this song is about two people just hurting each other in grotesque ways, trying to find compromise, since "most of the time, those [the things you can' stand] are the things you end up loving the most" - so 'if we cut out the bad then we'd have nothing left' of the relationship.
    Then perhaps "losing [whoever's] head" is a metaphor for changing, leaving the other behind ('couldn't come').

    Great song, those are just my stupid ideas.
    dmnchld1029on October 03, 2011   Link
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    General Commentoff In Love and Death, came out today! ah, better go get my copy
    Jason_Smithon September 28, 2004   Link
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    General Commentwow, great album, btw its "this lust to my brain almost feels like a gun" its not "this slice"
    Jason_Smithon September 29, 2004   Link
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    General CommentNo idea what this song means but I love it. Bert's voice is incredible.
    fireplaceon September 30, 2004   Link

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