"Light With A Sharpened Edge" as written by and Robert C./steineckert Mccracken....
Free from the torment of sin
All this I'm giving up
Much as the sun would decide to give in
Exploding to orange
And hear all the voices sing praises and hymns
Mark the birth of a change
Free from the torment of sin
All this I'm giving up

It's not me
Buried wreckage my soul
It's not me so who am I now

Over and over again
Light with a sharpened edge
Cut through the black empty space we call sky
Beginning the cycle that stays
And I know in my heart we all die
Like the day and the night
Like the sun in the sky
All this I'm giving up

It's not me
Buried wreckage my soul
It's not me so who am I now?

Is there another side?
Beat out the black and white
Place I could meet you by
A place on the other side
I'll let you know when I go
When I'm gone

It's not me
Buried wreckage my soul
It's not me so who am I now?

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"Light With a Sharpened Edge" as written by Jeph Howard Quinn Allman

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Light With A Sharpened Edge song meanings
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    General CommentOkay. This song is TOTALLY about the mormon church and him leaving it. I was raised mormon, so I can totally relatye to these lyrics. I kinda think that the beginning;

    Free from the torment of sin
    All this I'm giving up....

    is almost a mockery towards the mormon church. The mormons believe that their church is the ONLY church authorized by god to forgive sins. Fucked up, I know, but thatever, fuck em.
    Then there's this part:

    Is there another side
    Beyond the black and white
    A place I can meet you by
    A place on other side

    The mormons believe that you're either all in on God's side, or all in on the Devil's side, hence the black and white statement. I think this whole song is kinda a big "FUCK YOU!!!" to Bert's parents and the mormon church. That's just my personal opinion, but the fact that I was forced to be mormon until I moved out of my parents house, leads me to believe this.
    schmeeon December 07, 2008   Link
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    General CommentThis isn't my favorite on the album but I still really like it. The lyrics are kind of cryptic, no? I'm trying to decipher. Catchy chorus!
    fireplaceon September 30, 2004   Link
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    General Commentwow.. this song is good. but i think it has a deeper meaning then what bert writes about.. he is kind of stuck in a warpped time in his life that he cant get out of and he moves and stuggles but there is still that kid with the magnifying glass on the ant hill tomenting that ant by burning off just its limbs and leaving its body there to wiggle around and find a diff way of working things out.. he has to cope with this new change in his life and its not him to want to cope but he is giving up things in his life so he can cope with this new change... good song
    orangepeeon October 02, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI'm thinking the title of this song is kind of key to what its about. And the rest of the song seems to go along with this theory.

    That he is saying that maybe he likes the darkness too much and likes to be wasted away.

    That the purity (light) is too much for him (sharpened edge - it cuts right through him).

    The opening line(s) tends to explain it more clearly:
    "Free from the torment of sin
    All of this I’m giving up much as
    The sun would decide to give in
    Explode into orange"

    Sounds like a "when pigs fly" statement. Or maybe he's implying something deeper...

    When he gives up sin is when the sun explodes.

    Wow, orangepee... that was a really good analogy. I just read your post just now! It definitely goes along with what I'm conveying.
    chino69on October 04, 2004   Link
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    General CommentNot to be picky, but the lyrics are "buried wreckage" and not "bury wreckage." The correct lyrics make a lot more sense, "buried wreckage (my soul)" he is calling his soul the wreckage, rather than using bury ("bury wreckage my soul")as an action verb in the incorrect lyrics, which doesn’t make much sense.

    outKast, you are entitled to your own opinion, but I don’t see how you think this song sounds both like Zwan & Smashing Pumpkins, which are very different.

    Just because the titles both contain SHARP doesn’t mean they are related. At all... "A Box of Sharp Objects" is a song about the joy Bert felt when he realized he was in love with the music he was making in The Used. "A Box of Sharp Objects"= a measure of music (a box) with [sharp] notes; it’s a metaphor. "Light with a Sharpened Edge" = Clarity (Light) from a painful experience (a sharpened edge).
    so basically your reasons for thinking they've "sold out"- the most commonly misused term in music- are bullshit. True the new album has a poppier, more engineered sound, but it's a different direction, the growth and evolution of the band.
    Krwlng_n_mie_sknon October 17, 2004   Link
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    General Commentkrwing n mie skn:
    Im saying the Used musical transistion is like Smashing pumkins into Zwan.
    SP were awesome, musically talented. Then Billy decided to turn spiritual and gay and his band Zwan sucked ass. Notice how they arent around anymore...
    The Used first Cd was awesome, now they changed, starting to sell out and this stuff isnt good. Though two songs are good.
    Its just like Staind, they used to be hardcore, got softer, and a little crappier, and then even more poppy and crappier. I just see the same thing happening.
    Ok, we'll see. The next album they put out will be just like this, except this time a little more poppier and catchier, with probably no more screaming. And if you read some of the lyrics of these song, you could see that he almost admits to changing (Im a Fake) though Im sure your ignorance will think of another meaning behind those lyrics.
    outKast524on October 17, 2004   Link
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    General Commentand one more thing. This is what I mean by sucking or selling out.
    Listen to the first CD. Find a band that they sound like, you cant. The Used are The Used, they have thier own thing. Listen to this new CD. Half of this new and "evolved" stuff sounds like everything else out there. Starting Line, Finch, god, I cant even name the rest of that crap.
    If you want recent bands who went through an actual "growth and evolution" look at the two Atreyu albums. Thats Growing and getting better. Not this.
    outKast524on October 17, 2004   Link
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    General CommentoutKast, Smashing Pumpkins didn't "turn into" Zwan because Billy Corgan was in both bands. That is like saying, Coalesce turned into The Get Up Kids, and then into Reggie and the Full Effect because they all have a common member.

    Just because you list one band who "went soft" and sucked, Staind, doesn't prove all bands will if they do. Staind's newest CD sucked because they tried to copy the success they had from "Outside" and "It's Been A While"- even further proving my point that change in sounds is necessary for growth in a band.

    I agree the first The Used CD is very original, but the new stuff is far from the bands you listed. The new CD spans influences- I've even heard "Lunacy Fringe" compared to Guster (by multiple fans of Guster). Your comparison to The Starting Line is out of nowhere, and I really don't know where you hear them sounding remotely like Finch. Sure Bert and Nate both scream, but many bands do, and their screaming and singing voice's sounds are very different.

    You seem to be looking at the lyrics too literally (referring to the comments about "I'm a Fake" and "Light With A Sharpened Edge"). You say that this song is all about religion or spirituality because of the verse containing "voices sing praises and hymns." Lyrics are open to interpretation and you should try to think of all the possible meanings of words to find a common thread rather than just the obvious surface meaning. This song could be many things, even possibly but not limited to, Bert finding religion like you claim. I interpreted it as an awakening he went through (realizing how much he enjoys his new life) after giving up meth. When he says, "I'm a fake" that doesn't mean he is flat out saying that his music is fake, and copied. Once again, Bert is using a metaphor because that is what talented songwriters do. A band you mention does this very well actually, Atreyu's lyrics are full of well-done metaphors. An obvious example is their song "The Crimson." They aren't really vampires even though the song literally says he is.

    About Atreyu's transition being "real growth"- that is bullshit. Not to knock Atreyu's "The Curse," I do personally enjoy it, but I realize that overall it is a decent CD at best with "Right Side of The Bed" being the only great song.

    If you want a good example of a band that has grown between all their albums- look at Incubus. Starting out as a Funk band ("Fungus Amongus"), then into Nu-Metal ("S.C.I.E.N.C.E."), then Alternative Rock ("Make Yourself"), Melodic Rock ("Morning View"), and now Modern Rock ("A Crow Left Of The Murder").

    I hope that the next The Used album will be another change, because that is what is exciting about music- hearing what is created- not copying previous successes.
    Krwlng_n_mie_sknon October 18, 2004   Link
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    General CommentOkay, obviously the Used's new album didn't rub everyone the right way. I just don't see how some people made the statement of "there's no longer screaming and they went pop."

    And if you're going to get into labels, his voice is emo oriented. I don't care what you do, but when you're out there singing your voice is gonna get better. Not to knock the first Used album, it's so awesome in its own light. But so is "In Love and Death." He seems to have more vocal range and songs like Sound Effects and Overdramatics seems heavier then a lot of the songs on the first album. While the next song after that seems a lot lighter.

    Even the Used said their first album was basically like just puking everything up from the past. A lot of the songs are ambiguous and seems just a succession of phrases matching movie clips from yesterdays.

    To me this album seems more calculated. I would never give up what could be made from the first album because that seemed straight from the heart. And on top of that, so many people said this album was so different, that I expected night and day when I got it, but realized that it is much more the same compared to other bands (Krwlng_n_mie_skin that was a very good example with Incubus, they really have changed a lot across albums!)
    chino69on October 20, 2004   Link
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    General Commentok well to me this song is foreshadowing what is to come (in their next cd) because at the end someone says "het lets just go bact to the begining" and then you hear the hard hitting music of "sound effect and overdramatics" i think they are saying they will eventually go back to their old style....but thats just me.....music should represent where you are at in your life and not what popular on the underground scene and whos to say where they are at?
    the-orange-i-chokedon December 02, 2004   Link

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