"It's a Hit" as written by and Billy Edd Wheeler Jerry Leiber....
Any chimp can play human for a day.
Use his opposable thumbs to iron his uniform,
And run for office on election day,
Fancy himself a real decision maker,
And deploy more troops than salt shakers.

But it's a jungle when war is made,
And you'll panic and throw your own shit at the enemy.
The camera pulls back to reveal your true identity.
Look, it's a sheep in wolf's clothing.
A smoking gun holding ape.

Any asshole can open up a museum.
Put all of the things he loves on display
So everyone could see them.
The house, a car, a thoughtful wife
Ordinary moments in his ordinary life.

But if she breaks a smile, she'll give you away
Cause no one wants to pay to see your happiness.
No one wants to pay to see your day to day
And I'm not buying it either
But I'll try selling it anyway.

Any idiot can play Greek for a day
And join a sorority or write a tragedy
And articulating all that pain
And maybe you'll get paid.

But it's a sin when success complains,
And your writers block-it don't mean shit.
Just throw it against the wall and see what sticks.
Gotta write a hit
I think this is it.
It's a hit.

And if it's not,
Then it's a holiday for hanging
Yeah it's a holiday for hanging
Yeah it's a holiday for hanging
Yeah it's a holiday for hanging
Yeah shoo-bop-shoo-bop my baby

Any fool can play executioner for a day,
And say with fingers pointed in both directions
'he went thataway',
It's only a switch or syringe,
Aww, exempt from eternal sins.
But you still wear a cross,
And you think you're gonna get in.

Ah, but the pardons never come from up-stairs.
They're always a moment too late,
But it's entertainment
Keep the crowd on their toes,
It's justice, we're safe.
It's not a hit, it's a holiday
Shoo-bop-shoo-bop my baby

It's a holiday for hanging, yeah
It's a holiday for hanging, yeah
It's a holiday for hanging, yeah
It's a holiday for hanging, yeah

I'm a holiday for hanging,
I'm a holiday for hanging,
I'm a holiday yeah
I'm a holiday for hanging,

It's a holiday for hanging, yeah

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"It's a Hit" as written by Billy Edd Wheeler Jerry Leiber

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    General CommentI don't necessarily take the chimp reference to relate directly to George Bush - Jenny doesn't write lyrics that pointless. I think she's really just criticizing the politcal system in general, saying that any chimp could run for office and go to war. I also don't see why a song that emphasizes the evils of hypocrisy is necessarily uninteresting. In poetry or song, the matter is less of what is said than how it is said. But even still, she brings up good points.
    Overall, I'd say it's a good song and surely not the "weakest song Jenny has written."
    ohinvertedworldon December 09, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthis song was playing when i went into the orthodontist's office the other day. i couldn't keep myself from laughing when the line ".. panic and throw your own shit at the enemy .." came through.
    clarkgableon September 25, 2004   Link
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    General Commentwhoa.. your orthodontist actually plays rilo kiley? now, that's awesome. whenever i go to to the doctor or dentist, it's always some phil collins song playing over the speakers.
    kamanakaon September 27, 2004   Link
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    General Commentthey played this song on the jimmy kimmel show, and half of it was being bleeped out.
    paper hearts ripon November 09, 2004   Link
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    General Commentevery band on saddle creek seems to write a song along these sort of lines, the whole writers block, success, hit, bit. for cursive it's "sink to the beat" and for bright eyes it's probably false advertising.

    all about society hypocrisy pressure pain in songs whatever. it's a trend but that doesn't mean it's a bad song..

    the lyrics are catchy, well-written, the video is awesome.

    so i dont think it's bad at all, it's not the deepest or personal song but whatever
    past_past_presenton December 23, 2004   Link
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    General Commentlame, really? though it wasnt like the other rk songs that tend to perfectly articulate the most hard-to-explain emotions, i thought this was really clever in the way it bites at so many things in just one song. and i very much understand this part: "Any idiot can play Greek for a day
    and join a sorority or write a tragedy
    and articulating all that pain
    and maybe you'll get paid

    but it's a sin when success complains
    and your writers block, it don't mean shit "
    lemonjellyon January 22, 2005   Link
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    General Commentas far as the political part of this song, i think its excellent. i think it just depends on what side youre on, so to speak :-) this song has a lot of anger in it, but internal. its like something you think, not say. all the things you stop yourself from blurting out, then they all just come over you and you explode.
    imajaron February 15, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThis doesn't have to be about Bush, it can apply for any political leader. This political song is def. one of my favorites out of all the political songs that are out there now. I love this song.
    Heather200408on May 25, 2005   Link
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    General Comment^Yeah...I mean really what modern American president is great (or even good)?
    Varietyon August 15, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthmm i think this is a bit of a boring song.

    I didn't think it was george bush, it's anybody that thinks they can fake something. Whether that be top a top sales man or president.

    'Use his opposable thumbs to iron his uniform ' that line is really intersting if you like Phillip Pullmans books..
    tigersroamfreeon November 12, 2005   Link

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