I say plenty
You say any
But not this one
You want me to pick a side
I choose the ones you left behind
All their reasons
Not excuses
Your suggestion
For solution
You want me to pick a side
I choose the ones you left behind

I'm on the side with the guns
Left with no choice
But to make it alone
I'm on the side of the ones
You hear about
You read about
You make us

Their reasons
Not excuses
Your assumption
Just think of the way you treat
The freaks that you think you meet
You're the ones that are losing your souls
Wearing things that they tell you are right
Just remember the way you fight
When someone starts judging your life

Repeat Chorus

We struggle in ways
You missed in your comfortable days
And you say that we're ready for more
I fight in a place crowded with bad memories
And you're giving me more than I'll ever be ready for

Repeat Chorus (2x)

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Side With The Guns song meanings
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    General CommentWhen I first heard this, it made me think of all the bullies you encounter in school. Their always judging you, what you wear, what you say, and most importantly, how you look. And I think ELIAS is saying that the bullies are the ones who are going to pay in the end...'Cause eventually, they'll be the ones to suffer the consequences of their actions. You know, what goes around comes around type of thing. That doesn't have to mean that you go blow them all up. That could mean anything. Them getting old by themselves with out any family there for them...Losing their parent or sibling to some horrible disease...Anything like that. Not necessarily meaning like I said, going in there, and blowing them up...'Cause I don't think any one would advocate that.
    MaggieMichelleon January 15, 2005   Link
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    General Commentdude. its dealing with the common perception of our society and how u have to"wear what the say" and "choose any, but not that one" so its telling how people get labeled if they dont do the "popular" thing.

    and "i say plenty, Insufficient"
    is how one may think that a little is enough, but now everthing comes in bulk and there is execess everything and waste in the world, with the demand of people wanting bigger houses, gas hog cars and what not. showing how todays world is changing and everyone wants more and is indulging in their personal infatuations negligently.

    thats wuts up maggy may.
    iwillstoneuon May 20, 2008   Link
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    General Commenti mean to some extent you are correct. because people try to make music that connects to multiple groups of people on all levels that can interpret it differently to their own experiences or mind frame. and i think Elias is talking about them somewhat by "the ones that are losing ur souls and the way u treat the freaks that u think u meet." but i also think its talking about all wrong/immoral people in the world that puts themself before everyone else and dont care about others, or the environment, etc...
    and i dont think there is karma and not everyone that does something bad is gonna have a life altering problem occur during thier own life. because there are tons of people that commit horrible acts and get away with it untouched until they die of old age. but the day of wreckoning will come and that they will either go to hell or live eternally in the house of the god...like "you missed in your comfortable days" is because when they were alive they were care free and had no problems, but now they are in despair and in hell, forever paying for their wrongs. but that really all depends on your personal beliefs.

    and he chose the righteous path and is on the side that people here about and read about. from certain events. and you make us, means the ones that are losing their souls are the ones that drive them to be the ones that are outsiders and individuals. and they are forced to "make it alone" and be secluded from the others.
    iwillstoneuon May 26, 2008   Link

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