"Tyranny of Normality" as written by and Jacoby Shaddix Jerry Horton....
The media is the seduction (set the money,set the money on fire)
If you try to tell me the truth then I know your a liar,your a liar.

Its the tyranny of normality.
Its the tyranny of normality.

Our culture has become compulsive and has no desire (take back,take back our empire)
And the ethical slaughter for truth needs to be reitred, retired.

Its the tyranny of normality.
Its the tyranny of normality.

Its the death of outrage.
I want to turn a new page.
I mourn the death of outrage.
The oblituary's on the front page.

Its the tyranny of normality.
Its the tyranny of normality.
Its the tyranny of normali-tey-ey-ey.

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"Tyranny of Normality" as written by Jacoby Shaddix David Buckner


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    General Commentj'm not really a papa roach fan but found it ridiculous that no one could figure out what this song means. the meaning is in the title. it's about being enslaved by the popular opinion. people give in to stupid trends without questioning the reasoning behind them. we live in a culture that's bigger on conformity than it is on individualism. most people don't understand that there's nothing wrong with being "weird". this song is basically just bashing "normal" people or anyone who thinks it's good to be normal and bad to be weird. it's not just about personality etc. but it's about the complacent, unquestioning attitude of these people who can't really think critically, and how that affects/makes our society more retarded.
    trexauron October 16, 2008   Link
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    General Commentno clue what the song means but the first line is awesome

    The media is the seduction of human desire

    so very very true that media sucks and puts images into our heads and brainwashes us about what is "hot" and popular...very very sad
    HEwontSETmeFREEon February 06, 2005   Link
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    General Commenti absolutly love this song!!! i think the song basicly explains itself. It's talking about all of the tragedy in that happens in the US.

    "The media is the seduction of human desire (set the money, set the money on fire"
    ^^the media is portraying the US, and people are reading about it

    "and if you try to show me the truth then i know you're a liar"
    ^^people read into these stories and believe everything they hear

    "and the ethical slaughter of truth needs to be retired"
    ^^people are lying, and telling us these stories

    "i want to turn a new page
    i mourn the death of our age
    the obituary's on the front page"
    ^^people are dying, and we don't want to have it anymore

    That's what i understood of the song anyway...any other suggestions?
    jdrsgirl1116on July 12, 2005   Link
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    General Comment“The Tyranny of Normality” is at least in part about the corruption of a government that appears to be acting out of concern for the common man, but is really motivated by greed and power.
    spogon January 13, 2006   Link

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