You want every day to be like that magic first
When she took shape in your eyes and you in hers
You're going down to see her, it's a big mistake
She got ice she don't want anyone to break
Don't call on me to make disguises fade away
Cause honestly I’m more inclined to let them stay
On your faces and over mine
I know how to turn others inside out
I can't stand by here waiting while they dumb me down
I fit the perfect picture that you want for all
The fix is in I’m going where i don't belong
Sweet nothing is a something in me
Sweet nothing is a something in me
Sweet nothing, pretty nothing
When you go talking trash I’m surprised at what you say
Why you want to keep these lies on parade
Nothing's going to make me shy
I know how to turn others inside out
I can't stand by here waiting while you dumb me down
I fit the perfect picture that you want for all
The fix is in I'm going where i don't belong

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    General CommentWow... this song is amazing. Never really listened to the lyrics before.
    hannyanny68on July 07, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionThis song is not about breakups. It's in the first person...or perhaps about breakups, but not in the same sense as the others were speaking. It's a beautiful song. I personally enjoy Heatmiser more now 20 years later than I did as a teen and more than solo Ellliott now. I feel (and this comes from experience not what I know or don't about Mr. Smith) it is about a toxic love affair with drugs and the wanting to end it and at the same time wanting that "sweet nothingness". However, interrupted it is purely poetic and gorgeous.
    lorelei112on December 29, 2015   Link
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    General CommentThis song is testimony to Elliott Smith's genius and is evidence of the differences in style between Smith and Neil Gust. It may be one of Elliott's most underrated songs.

    It seems to be an outsider's point of view of a break up. A friend trying to console and let his friend know that he needs to let go. It may be tough, but that it is something that he has to live with, that he'll be there for him, but that he will no longer aid his friend in the fantasy that he's gonna win his lost love back. It's kind of a smack in the face.
    Roxxmaon November 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentI see it more as the outsider who is covering up about a friend's breakup, to other people.
    ' I can't stand by here waiting while they dumb me down
    I fit the perfect picture that you want for all '
    But it's just a thought.
    This is definitely one of my favorite songs that Elliott wrote.
    ikefoxon January 01, 2006   Link
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    My InterpretationThis is a great song. this is yet another example (amoung dozens) of Elliott Smith's lyrics echoing exactly thoughts that have rattled around on my noggin. I like the song even more for the undeniable "Heatmiser Sound" -- that electric, punk influenced sound.
    I strongly believe that this song is a sort of confession, as many of Smith's lyrics seem to be. The song is put forth like a conversation with the confessor, which I believe is a framing device for the subject matter. The subject, in this case, hits very close to home for me: he is in a "relationship", if it can so be called, that he knows all too well is doomed. The woman he is with is cold, distant, and despite all of the attempts to get her to open up, to share herself with him in a way that is not physical, she rebuffs him. It becomes -painfully- obvious that the entire affair is a one way street. What he feels for her she does not feel for him in any sense whatsoever. It may be that she is incapable of love for any number of reasons, incapable of loving him in particular, or she loves somebody else. Whatever the case, the relationship is doomed. Still, this woman is special to him. She has qualities that are unique and endearing, she is beautiful, even in the places she doesn't want him to see, the places of herself she sees as ugly, dark places, even these he sees beauty in because they are hers. He finds that he cannot just let her go. And for whatever reason, she cannot simply split the scene either. Even though what they have is a sham, just a fantasy, he doesn't care. He is more inclined, for the time being (it's always for the time being) anyway, to pretend, to willfully believe in the fantasy, than to confront the obvious and put the poor, sickly "relationship" out of its misery. He reason, "she seems to be willing to keep this up, to wear this mask. So can I, then. Maybe there is hope after all?"
    I may have superimposed too much of my own feelings onto this song. I don't know. One thing is certain: it's a great freakn' song
    NullAndCrazedon July 01, 2016   Link

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