When this water flows down from the side of
Only you
Can you take everything that I am holding on to tightly
And all this love it will crash just like you say
Cause your love it will wash hearts away
This time the world hurts, we're looking for words to say

Show me your meaning of love
Show me the secrets to life
And I'll crash in the rain, Your love is all I need

Can I change all I am, Can I build a legacy
When I see everything that it was
Was never what I needed?
When, when you take
Will you take my heart away?
Cause I need what you just have to say
This time the world hurts, we're looking for words to say

When the window's closed, but the curtains blow
And the paintings done, you still see through
So will search my heart, I can rest my eyes
All this broken sight, Just can see You
When the window's closed but the curtain blows
And the paintings done, you still se through
When they stand surround, they all fight the rain
But I will see it's just a frame

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    General CommentFalling Up says:

    Romans 5:8

    “But God demonstrates his love towards us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

    My Opinion:

    This song is a prayer to God. Asking for Him to take everything that "I am holding on too tightly". Everyone is huritng and is looking for answers to the "meaning of love" and the "Secrets to life". But in the end, all we need is His love. He can take us, and all that we are and all that we think we need, and make us something beautiful.
    FallingUp_in2_youon October 02, 2004   Link
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    General CommentACTUALLY.....

    Falling Up played in my hometown long before they hit it big. These guys are friends of mine and I've talked to Jesse and this is why he wrote the song.

    When he played a show in Oklahoma it was right before Thanksgiving, and all he wanted to do was go home. He wanted to see his family, is friends, he was tired, and he really didn't want to play the show, none of them did. Well they played it and this girl came up to him after the show and she had this horrible scar on her cheek. It ran from her mouth to her ear... completely disfiguring her face. And Jesse signed what she asked him to and then they didn't really talk after that. But he was by himself later and she walked right up to him and said "You don't know what it's like to be me". It took him aback, cause she was right, he didn't know. And she told him that life is too short not to do what their doing, that she was glad that they had made it so far. She told him that she was in an accident with her mother, they were on the freeway, and hydroplaned. The Accident killed the mother. When Jesse asked her if she could change what happened, she said no, because she would have never found Christ any other way. Which is the bravest statement I have ever heard. So that is why Jesse wrote the song.

    Thank you.

    RiseUpStandTallon December 11, 2004   Link
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    General CommentWhen Falling Up played was telling that story at Alive Fest before they played this song, it started raining.
    rivers07on April 26, 2005   Link
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    General CommentThough Jesse may have wrote the song for a certain reason important to him...it's still conceivable to think that there may have been other reasons for promoting Jesse to write the song through God....

    God works in mysterious ways, and he can use any human in any way he can find, for his Glory

    "And the paintings done, you still see through"
    "But I will see it's just a frame"

    This shows that God doesnt care what our outer appearance may be, God feels all his children are beautiful, because beauty comes from the heart, not from the outer exterior, or as Jesse put it, "the frame", it's the actual picture, (what's inside the frame) that really matters....

    so God showed his love to this girl in the car accident on the freeway, that although she was marred physically, it's the spirit inside, and the morals and intentions that matter to God

    that's just my outlook on it...
    magraz757on January 13, 2007   Link
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    General CommentIt's such a beautfiul song, they're such an awesome band and have such a cool ministry.
    Christ_Followeron September 29, 2007   Link

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