"This Is A Rebel Song" as written by and Sinead O'connor....
I love you my hard Englishman
Your rage is like a fist in my womb
Can't you forgive what you think I've done
And love me, I'm your woman

And I desire you my hard Englishman
And there is no more natural thing
So why should I not get loving
Don't be cold Englishman

How come you never said you love me
In all the time you've known me
How come you never say you're sorry

I do
Oh please talk to me Englishman
What good will shutting me out get done
Meanwhile crazies are killing our sons
Oh listen, Englishman

I've honored you hard Englishman
Now I am calling your heart to my own
Oh let glorious love be done
Be truthful Englishman

How come you never said you love me
In all the time you've known me
How come you never say you're sorry

I do
I do

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"This Is a Rebel Song" as written by Sinead O'connor

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This Is A Rebel Song song meanings
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    General CommentI think you were right, in regards to the England-Ireland conflict message. If you read it with Englishman, it makes you think of Ireland asking for independence, pleading with England to recognize it as a kindred spirit who desires the same things England does, but for itself. In this context, the "How come you never say you love me" makes me think of Ireland feeling caged and trapped by English rule, with the rulers never acknowledging Ireland or its culture. If you read it with Irishman, then it's England reminding Ireland of the benefits that UK brought to those they ruled over, and begging the Irish to let bygones be bygones. In this context, it makes me think of England asking why Ireland doesn't reciprocate love to England, since England has been giving them so much.

    Either way, its amazing.
    xdarkentrieson September 14, 2007   Link
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    General Commenthmmm..i'm pretty sure it's Englishman..since i bought the tape--yes, cd was sooo expensive at that time-- the lyrics are in the inlay and it's written "englishman".

    I agree..it's about the conflict between ireland and england. I don't know much about the situation, who's right, who's wrong.. but with this song, sinead seems to put ireland as the side who suffers mostly,--well, in the fact that she is irish--

    she bring this song to show her concern for the conflict, and how she wish that everything will end soon in peace..

    btw, the inlay say, this album is ddedicated to the suffering of conflict in ireland, rwanda, aaand..bosnia area if i'm not mistaken..
    c h i e won November 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentI agree with what all you before are saying: that she's singing about Ireland and England which can be compared to a woman and a man in a relationship.

    "Ah, please talk to me English man
    What good will shutting me out get done (...)
    Oh listen, English man"

    she's saying that violence (pointing at conflicts between the Irish and englishmen like the Bloody Sunday and so on) doesn't solve anything, that the only thing that'll restore peace and harmony is talking to each other, conversation. England must take Ireland seriously and listen to what the country/woman has to say.

    I think she also tries to say that even though Ireland is dependant on England an needs help and guidance, Ireland also needs to prove that it can stand on its own feet perfectly well. England must also not take Ireland for granted, but apreciate it and treat the people who lives there nicely, like they would treat fellow English men.
    mrsVALOon April 03, 2008   Link
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    My InterpretationShe had a fling with an English man, whose erections were very hard, and she kind of assumes that they are in a relationship, and can't understand why he keeps ignoring her, but he doesn't love her - he was only after one thing.
    tariqabdullaon December 02, 2010   Link

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