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Blade listen to that- ok what?
I'm going to the Doctorette right? - mmmhmm..
and my... he's telling me I'm having this problem with my front head when I'm touching it, it does like that *ding*

Oh craipshith!
you and I must've been drinking,
out of the same cup you know
because when I have the same problem
with a lady
she goes to touch the testiclites
and it makes a sound like thais *ding*

Oh that is sounding like the same
sound of uh my front head like thais *ding*

Ohhhh crotch same as your front head like this *ding*

You mean like this? *ding*


Let me tell you about American idioth
Here's a coupenette for a punch to the face,
We break off your legs, put you in a sweetcase,
You better run fast like a dog and cat chase,
I am the dog you are the cat,
How do you like that (biggety baseball bat)

Hit to the head with a hard piece of bread,
Like didileedodododododo now your dead,
I hate you so much I take your mother on a date,
I'm telling her she's paying and I'm eating five steaks,
I guess you to mess on us was a mistake,
but you're an I-D-I-D-O-T-H!

I-D-I-D-O-T-H (you face looks like shaith)
Go and get a punch to the face
Time for get a punch to your face
I-D-I-D-O-T-H (you're a dope without brothers or sisters)
Oh look! A punch to your face!
Time to get for a punch to your face

Blink 152 and Backshot Babies,
We bite you in the leg like a cat with rabies,
Take all your ladies and make them to pay late fees,
at super stacies and still they don't pay me!
Cat Rock you try to sing but you can't,
maybe because you forgot to put deoderant!
Now Brintany Spanks won't go you on a date,
cuz you're an I-D-I-D-O-T-H!

I-D-I-D-O-T-H (you have a stupid face!)
Go to get a punch to your face
Time for get to a punch to for your face
I-D-I-D-O-T-H (Stuffed with cat tounge, yes?)
A punch to your face!
Guess what.. It's time for a punch to your face.

Time for get a punch to your face,
You say your pets make on the stock trades
And your mother said
OH WHAT HAPPENED? when you came home
You got peuted and puked and abuseded
Cuz we beat you in a Lexter Hubert
Head goes under our foot like shoedirt
We saw your girlfriend and do it in her blue skirt
We make your car on the street like backword
We kick you harder than washington packers
So, please take a letter for a punch to the face
Nothing could be better than a punch to the face
You not very good like Puff Doggie and Lace
So take off your socks and jump off of the race
Have another punch to you face

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    General CommentThis song is about how stupid Americans are
    Indohemionon March 26, 2005   Link
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    General Commentit's true too o_o
    Xzenithon August 25, 2005   Link
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    General Commentactually, as a joke, that's what group x is all about... anti-american.. even though they're just a bunch of dudes from not saying they're terrorists...

    and actually, its not blink 152... its wink 152 or 162
    Twan013on September 11, 2007   Link

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